Airbnb deals in Nerja, Spain

Airbnb is an online platform that allows people to rent accommodation around the world, whether for a night, a week or even months. This platform has become a popular alternative to traditional hotels, as it offers a wide variety of accommodation options at more affordable prices and with the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each individual or group.

Types of Airbnb accommodation in Nerja

The accommodations that can be found on Airbnb are very diverse, meaning there is something for all tastes and budgets. Some of the most common options are shared rooms, private rooms in a host’s home, entire apartments, and luxury villas. Each accommodation has its own set of features and amenities, depending on the guest’s preferences and needs.

Prices for an Airbnb in Nerja

As for Airbnb accommodation prices, they can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as location, size, additional features, and demand at certain times of the year. Despite this, in Nerja, a coastal city in the province of Malaga, Spain, you can find options for all budgets.

Best areas to rent an Airbnb in Nerja

The most requested areas in Nerja tend to be those close to the beaches or with panoramic views of the sea. Some of the most popular areas include Burriana, Capistrano, Parador and Torrecilla. These areas offer a combination of beautiful scenery, beach access, and a variety of restaurants, shops, and tourist activities.

Cheap Airbnb in Nerja

As for the cheapest prices in Nerja, these usually vary depending on the type of accommodation you are looking for. A shared room can cost around 20-30 euros per night, while a private room can range from 30-60 euros per night. Complete apartments usually have a wider price range, but it is possible to find options from 60 euros per night. More luxurious and spacious villas tend to have higher prices, but there are also more affordable options starting at around 100-150 euros per night.

Airbnb discount code

You can get discount codes by searching the internet. There are platforms that offer discounts for traveling with Airbnb. You can also compare prices with booking and find the best apartments in Nerja on booking

Advantages of booking with Airbnb

One of the advantages of booking through Airbnb is the guarantee system it provides. When guests book through the platform, a payment is made that is protected by Airbnb in case of any issues. This gives guests a guarantee that they will receive the accommodation as agreed, and in the event of any discrepancies, Airbnb is available to mediate and offer solutions.

Airbnb with best reviews in Nerja

The comments are a great source of information for booking an Airbnb in Nerja, we always recommend reading the comments before booking. Most of them answer any questions you may have about the accommodation. There are many Airbnbs with very good reviews in Nerja. Here are some accommodations with good reviews in Nerja.

Doubts when booking an Airbnb

When booking through Airbnb, doubts arise. Here are some frequently asked questions that we have answered to help you book an Airbnb in Nerja.

  1. Is it safe to book accommodation on Airbnb? Yes, Airbnb has security measures and host verification in place to ensure the trustworthiness of listings.
  2. What happens if I have problems with my accommodation? Airbnb offers a guarantee and mediation system to resolve any problem between guests and hosts.
  3. What is Airbnb’s cancellation policy? This may vary depending on the host and type of accommodation booked, so it is important to review the cancellation policy before confirming the reservation.
  4. How can I contact my host before my arrival? Airbnb offers an internal messaging system that allows guests to communicate with hosts and ask questions before arrival.
  5. Can I trust the photos and descriptions of accommodations on Airbnb? Yes, but always read the comments to verify everything. Airbnb recommends that hosts provide accurate images and descriptions of their accommodations, but it is always advisable to read other guests’ reviews before making a reservation.

Best beaches to book an Airbnb in Nerja

  1. Burriana Beach: This is one of the most popular beaches in Nerja and offers a wide range of facilities and activities. Here you will find restaurants, beach bars, water sports and rental of hammocks and umbrellas. In addition, the beach has a promenade full of shops and cafes.
  2. Torrecilla Beach: Located in the center of Nerja, it is a beach with golden sand and calm waters. Here you will find several beach bars where you can taste the best of local food, as well as rental of hammocks and umbrellas. There are also public showers and toilets.
  3. El Playazo Beach: This is a beach with dark sand and crystal clear waters, ideal for those looking for a quiet and less crowded place. It does not have many services, which makes it perfect for those who want to enjoy tranquility and nature.
  4. Cala del Barranco de Maro: Although it is not located in the center of Nerja, it is worth mentioning due to its natural beauty. This small cove has crystal clear waters and an impressive rocky environment. It is perfect for those looking for tranquility and enjoying nature in its purest state.
  5. Maro Beach: Located in the town of Maro, on the outskirts of Nerja, this beach is considered one of the best in the region. It is famous for its natural beauty, its transparent waters and its fine sand. Here you can enjoy activities such as snorkeling and kayaking, as well as local cuisine at nearby beach bars.

Some Restaurants in Nerja

  1. Oliva Restaurant: Located in the Balcón de Europa, this restaurant offers modern, high-quality Mediterranean cuisine. Its featured dishes include fresh fish and seafood, as well as grilled meats. In addition, it offers a stunning panoramic view of the sea.
  2. El Refugio Restaurant: Located on Málaga Street, this restaurant offers traditional Spanish dishes made with fresh and local ingredients. Their specialties include paella, tapas and homemade desserts. It also has an outdoor terrace to enjoy the warm summer nights.
  3. Ayo Restaurant: Located in front of Burriana Beach, this restaurant is known for its authentic paella, prepared in large outdoor paella pans. It also offers a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood. It is a perfect place to enjoy a meal with sea views.
  4. La Puntilla Restaurant: Located on Paseo de los Carabineros, this cozy restaurant offers fresh fish and seafood, as well as traditional Spanish dishes. It stands out for its relaxed atmosphere and excellent service.
  5. Nerja Club Restaurant: Located on San Juan de Capistrano street, this restaurant offers a wide range of international dishes, such as pizzas, pastas and hamburgers. It also has an outdoor terrace and a bar with a great selection of cocktails.

Things to visit in Nerja:

  1. Nerja Caves: These caves are one of the most famous attractions in the city and are home to impressive stalactites and stalagmites. It also has an amphitheater where concerts and cultural events are held.
  2. Balcony of Europe: This is the most emblematic point of Nerja, from where you can enjoy impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea and the coast. Here you will find shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy a pleasant walk.
  3. El Puente Viejo: This historic bridge is located in the center of Nerja and is a perfect place to take panoramic photos of the Chillar River and the surrounding area.
  4. Church of El Salvador: Located in the heart of the historic center of Nerja, this church is a stunning example of baroque architecture. It is worth visiting for its beautiful façade and decorated interior.
  5. Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama: A short distance from Nerja is this natural park, perfect for those who enjoy nature and hiking. Here you will find well-marked trails, waterfalls and impressive panoramic views.

Activities in Nerja during your visit:

  1. Enjoy the beach: Nerja has beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe, swim in crystal clear waters, practice water sports or simply relax.
  2. Savor the local gastronomy: You cannot miss trying typical dishes such as fried fish, paella, Andalusian gazpacho or sardine skewers. Beach bars offer an excellent option to taste these dishes.
  3. Explore the old town: The historic center of Nerja is charming, with narrow streets, white houses and flower-filled balconies. Here you can find shops, art galleries and traditional tapas bars.
  4. Visit local markets: Nerja has a street market where you can buy fresh products, such as fruits, vegetables and fish, as well as local crafts.
  5. Practice water sports: If you like adventure, you can enjoy activities such as kayaking, paddle surfing, diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Nerja coast.

Parking and parking areas in Nerja:

Nerja has several parking areas where you can leave your vehicle during your visit. Some options include:

Plaza de España public car park: Located in the city center, this car park has free and paid spaces. It is a good option if you want to explore the old town and the Balcony of Europe.

Burriana Beach Parking: This parking area is located near the popular Burriana beach and has paid spaces

Rio Chillar Parking: Located in the commercial area of Nerja, behind the Mercadona, this parking lot is dirt. It is an unguarded esplanade. It is a good option if you want to shop or visit the restaurants and shops in the area. This parking lot

Torrecilla beach parking: This parking area is located near Torrecilla beach and offers paid spaces.

Other options to book in Nerja

Airbnb is just one of the online platforms or websites to reserve apartments online. But you have other ways or options to book accommodation in Nerja.

  • Book directly with the owner in Nerja, you can see ads propietario directo here.
  • Book with an agency in Nerja, real estate agency in Nerja or agent in Nerja
  • Book through and associated portals.
  • See reviews on Tripadvisor and book through the Expedia portals.
  • Other portals: Homelidays, Homeaway, hometogo, rentalia, idealista, milanuncios, wallapop etc.

Is Airbnb a good option to book in Nerja?

Airbnb is a platform where you can find a wide variety of accommodation in Nerja, Frigiliana, Torrox and Maro. Accommodation prices vary depending on location and characteristics, but it is possible to find affordable options for all budgets. Additionally, Airbnb offers warranty and mediation in case of any issues, providing guests with security during their booking experience.

I hope this information helps you enjoy your visit to Nerja and make the most of everything this beautiful city has to offer. And enjoy your Airbnb in Nerja.

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