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The beauty of the beaches of Nerja is supernatural. Those of us who know this small town know the reality of this. Is incredible. Nerja has incredible beaches, beaches with crystal clear waters, impressive cliffs and spectacular waterfalls.

Many places in the world are known for their beauty. But few know the hidden beauty of Nerja, Maro and its beautiful beaches.

Las Alberquillas Beach

This beach is large and is linked to the Molino de Papel Beach by the remains of the Torre del Río de la Miel. It is accessed by a detour to the right that cannot be clearly seen from the N-340 after about 200 meters from kilometer 299, It is a lane in good condition through which you can walk down to the beach itself. It is a pleasant place to spend a typical beach day.

Burriana Beach

It is the beach with the highest tourist influx on the Nerja coast. Main access to the exit of Nerja towards Almería on the N-340, and to the right, at the height of the “Verano Azul” urbanization. The fully equipped beach is often frequented by families. The setting is beautiful, because from it you can see mountains and cliffs. You can go windsurfing, sailing and diving, and play volleyball. Each year distinguished with the EU Blue Flag.

Calahonda Beach

Very touristy beach. Located in the center of Nerja. In the heart of the old town. Below the Balcón de Europa, which we can access by going down the “boquete de Calahonda”, which is at the end of Puerta del Mar street. With great influx. From this beach begins the Paseo de los Carabineros, which leads to Burriana Beach through some picturesque cliffs.

Caletilla Beach

Small beach located next to the Balcón de Europa. It is a beach with a cliff and good services. It has two accesses: through the Hotel Balcón de Europa (for hotel guests), located on the promenade which is called Hotel Balcon de Europa and it is also possible to access through the Calahonda beach.

We access by the stairs of the “Boquete de Calahonda” and skirt the “Balcón de Europa” below. Until you get to the other end. Visually it is the beach to the left of the Balcon de Europa. Although it may seem that the beach is private from the hotel. This is not like this. It is a public beach and can be accessed without problem.

Carabeillo Beach

It is a small beach surrounded by rocks. Small cove in the center of Nerja. We can access the beach by going down the stairs of the “Mirador del Bendito”. This viewpoint is located near the Parador de Turismo. Located at the end of Carabeo street. We can also access it through the Paseo de la Playa Burriana or the Paseo de los Carabineros from the Balcón de Europa. We will always do the walking tour.

Carabeo Beach

Charming beach in Nerja. Small beach with access by the Paseo de los Carabineros, or by Calle Carabeo through a stepped descent that exists at the end of the street. It is a very busy beach. A beautiful beach in the center of Nerja. (It is located between Burriana beach and Calahonda beach). If you arrive by car, it is better to park in the Huertos de Carabeo car park. or find another Nerja Parking.

Cañuelo Beach

El Cañuelo beach in Nerja is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa del Sol, it is a beautiful beach located in the natural area of the Maro cliffs. Natural environment of great beauty and very well preserved

An isolated beach. surrounded by steep and incredible cliffs. El Cañuelo beach is one of the most hidden beaches in Nerja. This fantastic beach is located on the border of the province between Granada and Malaga in the middle of the natural area of Cliffs of Maro Cerro Gordo.

During the summer months there is a minibus service to go down to the beach. It is possible to take the bus next to the road that goes down to the beach and pay at the moment. No need to book. It is an initiative that facilitates access to families with young children or elderly people or with some type of disability.

El Cañuelo beach is very beautiful, it is a beach with clean and crystal-clear waters. It is a perfect place for snorkeling or diving.

Molino de Papel Beach

Another beautiful secluded beach, on the outskirts of Nerja in the direction of Granada. The name “Molino de Papel” is due to the ruins of what was once a vat paper factory popularly known as El Molino de Papel.

The beach is wide, sandy and the La Miel River and the Arroyo de los Colmenarejos flow into it. You enter the beach by taking a detour to the right after about 300 meters from kilometer 298 of the N-340. It goes down a steep slope to the old road that we must follow until we reach the Molino de Papel where we turn right down to the beach.

Most of these beaches have restricted access for motor vehicles. Be careful with this.

El Chorrillo Beach

Beaches of El Chorrillo I, II and III. There are several small coves. Very small. Located between the Balcon de Europa and Carabeo beach. They are separated by large rocks. They are very hidden coves. To get to these secluded cove we take the path of the Paseo de los Carabineros from the access of the Balcón de Europa. Or going down the stairs from the Mirador del Bendito

Maro Beach

The most popular beach on the internet. Thousands of people visit it every year. This beach has had a lot of impact on social networks, it has been valued as one of the best beaches in Spain in several international media publications. This is why the large influx of public in recent years.

It is a sandy beach of considerable size, easily accessible and very popular in the summer. To get there we must take the same regional road as to access the Caleta de Mar Beach. until you reach a small square or the “Parking de la Plaza de Maro” with little parking capacity.

We recommend parking for free on a street in Maro. And from Maro we can walk down to the beach. There is a small kiosk on the beach and we can rent paddle surf and kayak. (although we recommend reserving Nerja kayak in advance)

El Salon Beach

Small urban beach located under a cliff. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the center of Nerja. It has good services but it does not have restaurants or beach bars (for that we recommend burriana beach and torrecilla beach, which are the most touristy beaches and with the best restaurant services).

Its access is through the Plaza de la Iglesia, located on the Balcón de Europa. It is only possible to reach it on foot. It is reached by the cobbled street that goes down from the Balcón de Europa. Between the Balcony and the Church.

El Playazo Beach

The beach is next to Burriana beach, the largest beach in Nerja. It is a quiet beach with a rustic aspect, It has no buildings. It can be reached by car. And there is free parking on the beach.

To access the beach we can do it through the National Highway N 340 and through the mouth of the Chillar river. (The chillar river and the dry river flow into this beach).

El Playazo beach has lifeguards, free parking, beach bars, public services, showers, kiosks and souvenirs.

If you are looking for a beach to get to by car, park for free, with restaurant services. This is a highly recommended beach.

El playazo is a pebble beach, it is not fine sand. it is a beach with many stones.

El Pino Beach

They are two sandy coves of medium proportions located between the Playa de las Alberquillas and the Torre del Pino. Although separated by dislodged rocks, it is possible to pass easily from one to another. They are reached by a path that starts from the third of the abandoned curves of the old N-340 that is on the right after kilometer 299. The path descends steeply to the beach among the dry scrub.

El Chucho Beach

It is located between the mouth of the Chíllar River, which connects it with Playazo beach, and which is one of the possible accesses to it, and the Torrecilla beach. There is a small promenade to stroll at the top. It is a quiet beach with good access from the apartments and hotel area in the Torrecilla area.

El Chucho beach has a security service, with showers, a kiosk and good access to the restaurants in the center of Nerja. (just a 5/10 minute walk).

Torrecilla Beach

Beach with a large number of people and a pedestrian promenade. Accesses: through El Chucho beach along the promontory where the Torrecilla tower ruins are located, from where the beach gets its name, by the existing descent at the end of Antonio Añejo street, along Paseo de the Plaza de los Cangrejos and down the road to the beach, at the end of Avenida Castilla Pérez. Well equipped beach. Each year distinguished with the EU Blue Flag.

On the beach we find Chiringuitos, surveillance service, showers, ice cream kiosk, hotels and nearby apartments. And we are just a few minutes walk from the best tapas restaurants in Nerja.

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