Buy a Spanish property to rent on Airbnb

Buying a rental property on Airbnb can be a profitable investment, but it’s important to carefully consider some key factors before making a purchase.

First you must know something important. The offer of tourist apartments in Nerja is increasing. And this will determine your benefits. Nerja is a tourist town and in summer everything works very well. But you have to be aware that there are more than 1000 houses published for vacation rentals. You can see the listing on or Airbnb with more than 1000 accommodations in Nerja each.

Best Location for an Airbnb in Nerja

Choose a property in a desirable location with high demand for short-term rentals. Consider factors such as proximity to tourist attractions, public transportation and amenities. Balcon de Europa, Burriana or Torrecilla Beach, Carabeo, etc…

Properties that work best on Airbnb

Consider the type of property that will attract guests, such as a cozy apartment, a spacious house, or a unique vacation rental. Make sure the property is well-maintained and has modern amenities to attract guests.


Familiarize yourself with local regulations and zoning laws regarding short-term rentals in the area. Some cities have restrictions on Airbnb rentals. In other cities it is being prohibited, so it is important to comply with the regulations to avoid fines or sanctions.

Financial Considerations

Estimate the potential rental income and expenses associated with the property, including mortgage payments, maintenance costs, cleaning expenses, and utilities. Make sure the property is financially viable and generates positive cash flow.

Marketing and Management

Develop a marketing strategy to attract guests to your Airbnb rental, such as professional photos, detailed descriptions, and competitive prices. Consider hiring a property management company to handle reservations, housekeeping, and guest communications. You can hire the services of a marketing expert to rent your apartment more.

Buying a rental property on Airbnb can be a lucrative investment if done carefully and strategically. By considering these key factors and conducting extensive research, you can maximize your potential for success and generate passive income from your rental property.

What is the profitability of renting a property on Airbnb?

Profitability may vary depending on several factors such as location, size and quality of the property, tourist season and market demand.

What type of tourists usually stay at Airbnb properties?

Tourists looking for a more authentic and personalized experience often prefer Airbnb accommodations.

What taxes are paid when renting a property on Airbnb in Spain?

Owners are subject to taxes such as personal income tax and VAT.

What are some alternatives to Airbnb for renting a property?

Other vacation rental platforms include VRBO, HomeAway,, and TripAdvisor. You can also promote your property on the Nerja lovers forum.

What should be considered when choosing a property to rent on Airbnb?

It is important to research the local real estate market, the associated costs, and comply with local regulations. It is always better to buy a property with sea views, with a pool and a terrace. This will help you earn more money with your property.

What is the difference between renting a property on Airbnb and a traditional hotel?

Airbnb listings typically offer a more authentic and personalized experience compared to traditional hotels.

What is the importance of keeping the property in good condition?

Keeping the property in good condition is key to attracting tourists and ensuring a good reputation on Airbnb.

What is the best season to rent a property on Airbnb?

In Nerja the best season is August. July and August it is easy to rent and sell your property on Airbnb. For other dates we recommend you advertise your property on long term, monthly rentals or winter rentals sites.

Is any type of insurance required when renting a property on Airbnb?

It is advisable to have home insurance or specific insurance for vacation rentals.

Is it legal to rent a property on Airbnb in all cities in Spain?

It is important to check local regulations, as some cities have specific restrictions or regulations for renting properties on platforms such as Airbnb. In Nerja you have to have the Tourism registration code of the Junta de Andalucia. You can request it for free here. – Register tourism property –

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