🏞 Nerja Cave Park ✈ Family day, Free and easy to get to. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦

El Parque de la Cueva is a small playground located in the gardens of the Cueva de Nerja. If you want to visit Nerja and the caves with children, we recommend you spend the day with your family in the cave park. You can visit the playground,

Nerja Cave children’s playground.

The cave park is a space for children to have fun. A modern park, with artificial grass and maximum security. The park has multi-game structures, slides of different sizes, swings, small climbing elements.

How much does the Cueva park cost?

This park is free like all the parks in Nerja. You will only need to pay for parking if you go by car and cannot find parking outside the cave enclosure.

Picnic area, bathrooms, gardens and restaurant

In the precinct of the cave we find bench areas for resting, all surrounded by beautiful gardens. In the cave enclosure we will find squirrels running through the pines. A great attraction for children.

We also have the Cueva de Nerja restaurant. In which we can enjoy a good breakfast, buy some sandwiches, have a coffee or enjoy a good menu. The restaurant terrace has impressive views of the sea and the white town of Maro.

We also found a picnic area where we can take our snacks and sandwiches and eat with the children. It is an area equipped with benches and wooden tables outside, under the shade offered by our pine trees, to allow our visitors to rest and have a drink to regain strength.

In the area of ​​the park and gardens we will find several public toilets.

How to get to the Cave Park?

The Cueva Park is 5 km from Nerja. 30 minutes walking. Or we can take the car, book a taxi, take the bus, or arrive on the cave train.

The tourist train is the best option to visit the cave with children from Nerja. Sometimes it is better to park our car in Nerja and enjoy the experience traveling by train.

The tourist train can be taken in Nerja and then in the cave to return to Nerja. There are trains running all morning. You can see the timetables here.

If you have questions or can offer any useful advice. You can write a comment below or you can also consult it in the group @Nerjalovers

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