Cheap hotels in Nerja

If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Nerja. Here we give you some recommendations and tips to find cheap hotels in Nerja.

How to find cheap hotels

  1. Use price comparison websites like, Hostelworld or Airbnb to find deals and discounts on accommodation.
  2. Consider staying in hostels or hostels instead of hotels, as they are usually cheaper and often offer shared rooms at lower prices.
  3. Look for last-minute deals or early bookings, as many accommodations offer discounts if you book early or wait until the last minute to make a reservation.
  4. Consider staying in homestays, shared apartments or guesthouses, as these are usually cheaper options than traditional hotels.
  5. If you are traveling in a group, consider renting an apartment or house to have more space and save money.
  6. Look for accommodation in less touristy areas or outside the city center, as prices are usually lower and you will be able to experience local life.
  7. Use loyalty programs or memberships from hotels and accommodation chains to get discounts and additional benefits.
  8. Consider doing a home exchange with someone in another destination, which will allow you to stay for free in exchange for the other person staying in your home.
  9. Consult friends and acquaintances who have traveled to the same destination for recommendations on affordable accommodations.
  10. Investigate alternative accommodation options, such as campsites, rural hostels or couchsurfing, where you can stay with local people for free.

Cheap areas in Nerja

Look for a cheap area in Nerja. If you are looking for cheap accommodation we recommend you go to the center of Nerja. The center and the central streets are the most touristy and the areas with the highest price. There are many urbanizations in Nerja. You can look for a hotel in Nerja 5 minutes from the center and at half the price if you are looking in another area.

Here are some areas and urbanizations of Nerja where we can look for accommodation. There are many streets that offer real gems, boutique hotels and really cheap rental apartments in Nerja.

Try searching in these areas:

  • Almijara Urbanization
  • Capistrano Urbanization
  • La Noria Urbanization
  • Oasis of Capistrano Urbanization
  • Las Lomas de la Cruz Urbanization
  • Almijara II Urbanization
  • Los Tablazos Urbanization
  • La Hacienda Urbanization
  • Urbanization Punta Lara
  • Chimney Urbanization

Cheap hotels for days in Nerja

To reserve individual days, one day, weekends, long weekends. We recommend using the booking in Nerja hotel search engine. Here you can find cheap hotels for one or several days. If you are looking for 1 week or more than a week. Look for an online agent who can offer a better deal. There are Nerja travel agencies that offer better discounts than booking. Do you want advice or recommendations? Write to us here

If you are looking for a hotel for a long stay. Hotel rooms for winter or summer. To rent 1 or 2 weeks. Or perhaps for a long stay of a month or two months. You can search our property search engine and find apartments for long-term rentals, for winter rentals and for full months. Book directly with the owner: Nerja Properties

Book cheap hotels in Nerja

In Nerja, there are several budget hotel options. Some affordable hotels in Nerja are the small hostels in the center of Nerja.

1. Hostal Marissal
2.  Hostal Don Peque
3.  Hostal Alegre
4. Hostal NerjaSol
5. Hostal San Miguel

You are looking for a stay of more than a week. Do you want advice or recommendations? Write to us here

Cheap apartments in Nerja

Apartments Playa Caletilla – Nerja winter rentals

Example: In winter: Apartments from €300 per week for holidays per week. Or also long-term options from €600 per month for a 4-week rental. (€150 per week). You can rent a full month in winter. And enjoy a vacation of several months. We recommend you contact local companies to get the best price for winter or summer. here: Property rental in Nerja

Doubts about cheap hotels in Nerja

Do cheap hotels in Nerja offer breakfast included? Most cheap hotels in Nerja do not include breakfast in the room rate, but some may offer this option for an additional cost.

Is it safe to stay in a cheap hotel in Nerja? It is always important to research the hotel’s reputation and safety measures before booking. In general, most cheap hotels in Nerja meet basic safety standards.

Do cheap hotels in Nerja have daily housekeeping service? In some cases, cheap hotels in Nerja may offer daily housekeeping, but in other cases cleaning may be done every other day or once a week. We recommend you read the conditions before booking.

Is there free Wi-Fi in cheap hotels in Nerja? Most cheap hotels in Nerja offer free Wi-Fi service to their guests, but the quality of the connection may vary depending on the hotel.

Does itDo cheap hotels in Nerja have amenities such as a swimming pool or gym? In general, cheap hotels in Nerja usually offer basic services such as 24-hour reception and rooms equipped with a private bathroom, but it is less common for them to have amenities such as a swimming pool or gym. We recommend verifying this information before booking.

Can free cancellations be made in cheap hotels in Nerja? Some cheap hotels in Nerja may allow free cancellations up to a certain date before check-in, while others may require payment of a cancellation fee. It is important to review the cancellation policy when booking.

When is it cheaper to go to Nerja?

We all know that on holidays, demand increases and accommodation sells out sooner. For this reason we give you a list of the festivities in the area. We recommend avoiding these dates if you are looking for cheaper accommodation or booking well in advance.

Holy Week in Nerja. One of the most popular bridges in Nerja is the Holy Week bridge, since numerous processions and religious events are celebrated during this time. To stay on this date, I would recommend booking a hotel in the city center to be able to enjoy all the Easter activities.

Nerja Fair (from October 8 to 12. Puente del Pilar or Hispanic Day). Another popular festival in Nerja is the Nerja Fair, which takes place in October with concerts, shows and activities for the whole family. For the Nerja Fair, I would recommend booking accommodation in the city center, to be able to easily travel to all the events and enjoy the fair to the fullest.

Nerja in May: May Bridge, Day of the Cross and San Isidro Labrador. One of the popular long weekends in Nerja is the May long weekend, which is usually celebrated around May 1st. On this date, concerts, fairs and cultural events are usually organized in the city. To stay over the May long weekend, I would recommend booking accommodation near the beach so you can enjoy the sun and the sea.

As for festivities, one of the most popular in Nerja is the Fiesta de San Juan, which is celebrated on June 23 with bonfires on the beach and parties until the early hours of the morning. For this holiday, I would recommend booking accommodation near the beach or the city center, so you can enjoy the party and then rest comfortably.

Other important festivities:

  1. Festival of the Three Cultures (May)
  2. Day of the Virgin of Carmen (July 16)
  3. Patron saint festivities in honor of San Miguel (September 29)
  4. Christmas (December)
  5. Carnival (February)
  6. Andalusia Day (February 28)
  7. Constitution Day (December 6)
  8. Day of the Immaculate Conception (December 8)
  9. Valentine’s Day (February 14)
  10. Hispanic Day (October 12)
  11. All Saints’ Day (November 1)

Recommendations for booking in Nerja

If you are looking for the best price, we recommend some of the pages where you can find cheap apartments and hotels in Nerja.

  1. Grupo Nerja: You can search for a direct rental with the owner. The price will be cheaper, you will not pay commissions to large portals, and you will deal directly with agents or apartment owners in Nerja.
  2. This portal is one of the most popular for booking accommodation around the world. You will find a wide variety ofoptions, from hotels to apartments and vacation homes.
  3. Airbnb: This platform allows you to rent unique and cozy accommodations, such as apartments, houses and villas in Nerja. You can search according to your preferences and budget.
  4. HomeAway: Also offers a wide selection of accommodation in Nerja, both for short stays and long-term rentals. You can find houses and apartments with all the comforts you need.

In the Grupo Nerja Lovers you can find apartments directly with the owners. If you book directly with the owner you can save up to 20% compared to other agents or online portals. Also if you travel for a long time to Nerja, you can reserve a room or apartment to rent for cheaper months.

In addition, I suggest you contact local tourist offices in Nerja, where they can provide you with information about accommodation and activities in the area. You can also search for apartment offers directly with the owners through portals such as Idealista, Fotocasa or in Facebook groups dedicated to Nerja .

Remember to carefully read the conditions of each accommodation, check the opinions of other guests and compare prices before making your reservation. Enjoy your stay in Nerja!

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