⭐ Cheap places to stay in Nerja – Sleep in Nerja from €30 per night

.The cheapest accommodation in Nerja – From €30 per night

In Nerja we can find accommodation of all kinds, Nerja is an ideal place for holidays and has a wide range of tourist accommodation, hotels, hostels or backpackers and holiday homes.

Today we are going to recommend the best accommodations in relation quality price. All these accommodations can be found on booking.com or tripadvisor or airbnb. We have sorted it into three categories:

1.- Cheap apartments or studios (cheap accommodation).
2.- Houses with private rooms and shared common areas.
3.- Shared rooms where you only have a normal or bunk bed.

Cheap apartments in the center of Nerja

If you are looking for tranquility, your own space, privacy and a private room or apartment for yourself or your family. We recommend you book a private apartment or studio. This option is the most interesting. Nerja is a city with cheap accommodation. And surely you will find the best option to stay.

If you are looking for an apartment for 2 or 3 people. We can also find very cheap apartments on booking. There are cheap apartments in the center of Nerja, with a terrace, Wi-Fi internet, a few meters from the beaches and near the parking lot. In low season prices range between €45 and €70 per night.

Here you can see some cheap apartments in Nerja.

  • Centurion Apartments. Nice apartments, well valued and with a large terrace for sunbathing. Ideal for 2 or 3 people. Economic, familiar and highly recommended.
  • Casa Jazmin Apartments. Apartments in Malaga street, near Torrecilla beach and the Balcon de Europa. A very interesting option in the center of Nerja.
  • Apartments Resort Nerja. These apartments have a community pool. They are a little further from the center. But they are also a very good option.

Guest houses and shared flats in Nerja

Here you can find some houses, villas or lodgings with shared common spaces and private rooms. Houses and apartments with rooms:

  • Carmen rooms in Nerja. It is a villa in Burriana beach with shared common areas. You can book directly on booking.com

Cheap hostels with shared rooms

If you are looking for a hostel or cheap accommodation. In booking you can find some apartments and hostels with shared rooms. Its rooms are located in shared complexes and have single beds in shared rooms, or bunk beds in rooms for 4, 6 and 8 people. We must also take into account the characteristics of the room when booking. There are mixed rooms, female rooms and male rooms. This option is very interesting for groups of friends looking for cheap accommodation.

Here you can see some hostels in Nerja that offer or have shared rooms:

  • Easy Hostel Nerja. Central hostel with shared rooms, they have small and large rooms.

The cheapest place to sleep in Nerja

In Nerja you can stay in very cheap accommodation. There are small hostels and tourist apartments that have really cheap prices. From €30 per night for 2 people in low season.

The cheapest place to sleep in Nerja in Summer or high season

As in low season, there are many cheap accommodations. To find the best price option per night, it is better to book a full week. We can find private apartments in August from €450 to €500 per week. And also options from €65 per night in August. But always in advance. For last minute reservations prices are usually higher.

The cheapest apartment in Nerja

The cheapest apartment in Nerja does not exist. Since there are many cheap apartments. In Nerja there are many cheap apartments. Prices in low season usually range between €45 and €70 per night. In high season the prices of cheap apartments are usually from €65 / night for two people. From €65 upwards. (in July and August)

Book last minute cheaper in Nerja

There are accommodations that offer last minute offers to fill the available rooms. But for weekends or high season, we recommend you book in advance. For last minute reservations prices are usually higher.

Beware this can change at any time. These data have been obtained from booking.com in April 2022. We are not responsible for the prices published in this article.

Winter Rentals in Nerja

If you are looking for cheap accommodation to rent in winter. We recommend you book with Nerja Winter Rentals. They have offers for entire months in winter. You can book cheap apartments in Nerja. – Winter Rentals in Nerja



If you are looking for a cheap apartment in Nerja for several days, a week or a month (in low season or summer) and you want us to recommend the best option. You can write us an email and we will help you to book a cheap accommodation in Nerja. We work together with many hotels and lodgings in Nerja in order to offer the best service.

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