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In Spain, there are numerous travel forums and online platforms that offer information and allow travelers to share experiences. These forums are an excellent tool to get answers to questions, get recommendations, and interact with other travelers.

This is a small list of some of the most important travel forums in Spain, pages for booking accommodation and forums specialized in water parks, amusement parks, museums, monuments and tours.

  1. Lonely Planet Spain Forum (
    This is one of the most popular forums in Spain. Travelers can find information about Spanish destinations, ask questions and share experiences. There are also specific sections for different regions and cities.
  2. TripAdvisor Spain (
    TripAdvisor is one of the largest travel platforms in the world, and its Spain forum has an active community of travelers. You can find discussion threads about destinations, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions throughout Spain.
  3. Spain Travel Forum (
    This forum is very complete and covers many destinations in Spain. It offers information about different cities, beaches, excursions and accommodations. Also: frequently asked questions about Spain.
  4. Minube (
    Minube is an online travel community where users can share their experiences and queries. It has a forum dedicated to Spain where you can find advice on accommodation, activities and places of interest.
  5. Los Viajeros (
    This forum is especially useful for those planning more specific trips in Spain. Users can find detailed information about hiking routes, rural tourism, gastronomy, among other topics.
  6. ( is a popular platform for booking accommodations around the world. In addition to allowing hotel reservations, it also offers accommodation options such as apartments, rural houses and hostels. Users can read reviews from other travelers and compare prices.
  7. Airbnb (
    Airbnb is a platform where travelers can book unique accommodations and stay in private homes, apartments, rural houses and much more. The platform offers options in all regions of Spain and has a user evaluation system.
  8. Bedycasa (
    For those looking for a more authentic experience, Bedycasa offers the possibility of staying in the homes of local hosts. This is an interesting alternative for those who want to meet local people and have personalized advice.

As for specialized forums, there are several online communities to obtain information about water parks, amusement parks, Disney, museums, monuments and tours. Here I present some options:

  • Theme Parks Forum (
    This forum specializes in theme parks in Spain and around the world. Users can get information about attractions, roller coasters, shows and special events.
  • Parque Warner Forum (
    If you are interested in Madrid’s Parque Warner, this forum will provide you with information about attractions, shows, events and accommodation nearby.
  • Disney Spain Forum (
    This forum is dedicated to Disney lovers in Spain. Users share information about trips to the Disney parks, hotel recommendations and tips to make the most of the experience.
  • Tripadvisor Museums Spain (
    This forum is ideal for those looking for information about museums in Spain. Users can find recommendations on the best museums, temporary exhibitions and cultural events.
  • Tripadvisor Monuments Spain (
    If you are interested in visiting monuments in Spain, this forum will provide you with information about historical, architectural and cultural places throughout the country.
  • Minube Routes and Excursiones (
    In this forum, travelers can find information about routes and excursions throughout Spain. Users share their experiences, recommendations and tips for exploring different landscapes and places of interest.

These forums and platforms are just some options to obtain information and share experiences about destinations and activities in Spain.

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