Remote work in Nerja. Jobs and accommodation for Digital Nomads

Nerja, the perfect place to telework, a place to live and work as a digital nomad.

Living and working in the winter months:

In the winter months, you can work in various sectors in Nerja, such as tourism, hospitality, construction, commerce, agriculture, among others.

To find work in Nerja in winter, you can consult online job portals, contact local companies directly, visit temporary employment agencies or work independently in sectors such as street vending or cleaning services.

Nerja in winter can be an ideal place to work, since there is still a certain flow of tourists during these dates, although to a lesser extent than in summer. In addition, the climate on the Costa del Sol is mild, which makes it pleasant to be outdoors working. On the other hand, some businesses usually close during these months, so the demand for work may be lower compared to the peak season.

Freedom of movement working remotely from Nerja

Living and working in Nerja in winter can be an enriching experience, as long as job opportunities are sought in accordance with the needs and demands of the low season in this tourist destination.

What the people of Nerja do in their daily lives

The people of Nerja do several things in their daily lives that are not related to tourism, such as:

  1. Work: Many inhabitants of Nerja work in different sectors such as agriculture, fishing, commerce, hospitality, construction, education, health, among others.
  2. Shopping: As in any city, people in Nerja go to the supermarket or market to buy food and other essential products.
  3. Walking: Many inhabitants of Nerja enjoy taking walks through the city, along the beach, through the countryside or through the old town.
  4. Play sports: In Nerja there are several sports facilities such as gyms, paddle tennis courts, soccer fields, swimming pools, among others, where people can play sports.
  5. Socialize: People in Nerja usually meet up with friends and family to have a drink, eat together or just chat.
  6. Taking care of the family: Many inhabitants of Nerja dedicate themselves to taking care of their children, grandchildren or elderly members of their family.

The people of Nerja lead a daily life that includes working, shopping, walking, playing sports, socializing and taking care of the family, among other activities.

Cheap accommodation in Nerja for digital nomoadas

If you come to Nerja to work, whether long-term or for several months. We advise you to book in advance. In Nerja you can find apartments

Shared room: Book a hostel room from €300 per month for 1 person. This will give you the right to a shared room and shared bathroom, free internet or wifi and a refrigerator in the room.

Room with private bathroom: Book a hostel room from €400 per month for 1 person. This will give you the right to a private room, with a private bathroom, free internet or wifi and a refrigerator in the room. ALL PRIVATE.

Apartment with kitchen and private bathroom: Reserve a room with bathroom for several months. You can ask at real estate agencies in Nerja or directly rent an apartment directly with the owner for monthly rent in Nerja.

Work and tourism (One month in Nerja)

If you come for a month. You have to visit the main tourist centers of Nerja.

In Nerja, a town on the southern coast of Spain, there are many activities that can be done on a daily basis. Some options include:

  1. Enjoy the beaches: Nerja has several beautiful beaches, such as Burriana beach and Calahonda beach, where you can swim, sunbathe and practice water sports.
  2. Visit the Balcón de Europa: This viewpoint offers impressive views of the sea and is a perfect place to walk and enjoy the coastal atmosphere.
  3. Explore the Nerja Caves: These famous caves are one of the city’s main attractions and offer the opportunity to see impressive stalactites and stalagmites.
  4. Try the local cuisine: Nerja has a wide variety of restaurants that offer traditional dishes from the region, such as fried fish and gazpacho.
  5. Hiking in the surroundings: Nerja is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, such as the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, which are perfect for hiking and enjoying nature.

In Nerja you can enjoy the beach, nature, gastronomy and local culture, which makes it a perfect place to enjoy everyday life.

Search for traditional work in Nerja

There are several possibilities to work in Nerja, as it is a very popular tourist destination on the Costa del Sol. Some options include working in the tourism sector, in hotels, restaurants, bars or souvenir shops. It is also possible to find employment opportunities in tourism service companies, such as travel agencies, car rental or excursions. Another option is to work in activities related to sports and nature, such as a tour guide, water sports or hiking instructor. In addition, there are employment opportunities in the construction, commerce or education sectors.

Remote work opportunities from Nerja

  1. Work as a freelancer in graphic design, programming or content writing for companies anywhere in the world.
  2. Offer online consulting services in areas such as digital marketing, human resources or information technologies.
  3. Be a virtual assistant for companies or entrepreneurs that need help with administrative tasks, customer service or social media management.
  4. Give private classes through online platforms in subjects such as languages, mathematics or music.
  5. Work as a freelance translator or interpreter for international companies that need translation services in different languages.
  6. Offer online coaching or mentoring services in areas such as personal development, business or entrepreneurship.
  7. Work as a content writer for blogs, web pages or social networks of companies anywhere in the world.
  8. Offer web design or application development services for companies that need to improve their online presence.
  9. Work as a community manager for companies that want to increase their presence on social networks and improve their communication with their customers.
  10. Offer digital marketing consulting services for companies that want to improve their online presence and increase their sales.

Work in summer in Nerja

In summer the population increases and the tourism industry needs workers. In Nerja you can find work in summer, but it will be more difficult to find accommodation. (Summer accommodation in Nerja).
Here I show you a list of jobs that are most in demand in Nerja or on the Costa del Sol in general every summer.

  1. Work in the tourism industry: Nerja is a very popular tourist destination during the summer months, so students can find work in hotels, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, travel agencies, among others.
  2. Work in the hospitality industry: Many bars and restaurants in Nerja need extra staff during the high summer season, so students can find work as waiters, kitchen assistants, receptionists, among others.
  3. Work in the entertainment sector: Nerja offers a wide range of entertainment activities for tourists, such as excursions, water sports, guided tours, etc. Students can find work as activity monitors, tour guides, sports instructors, among others.
  4. Work in the retail sector: Nerja has a variety of local shops and markets that need additional staff during the summer season. Students can find jobs as clerks, cashiers, sales promoters, etc.
  5. Work in the agricultural sector: Nerja is known for its production of tropical fruits, such as avocados and mangoes. Students can find work on agricultural farms during the harvest season to help in the harvesting and processing of products.

Students can find a variety of employment opportunities in Nerja during the summer, especially in sectors related to tourism, hospitality, entertainment and commerce. It is important to look for opportunities as early as possible and make sure you meet the necessary requirements for each job position.

Work remotely and work in Nerja part-time

If your idea is to come to Nerja to work online, work remotely or telework or work remotely (and look for a physical job to work in Nerja in the afternoons). Here are some recommendations for finding a job.

  1. Consult job search websites such as Infojobs, Indeed or Jobs.
  2. Visit City Hall to see the job offer board for the summer or winter season.
  3. Approach bars, restaurants, hotels and local businesses to ask about possible job openings during the summer. Many times these establishments look for extra staff to meet the demand of the high season.
  4. Contact temporary employment agencies in the area or search our job forum: Nerja Lovers Jobs
  5. Use social networks such as Facebook or Linkedin to search for companies that are recruiting.

Important, write and prepare a good CV! And click send Curriculum Vitae to companies in Nerja.

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