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Here we solve some questions about the local currency, accepted payment methods. If it is possible to pay in cash or is it necessary to pay by credit card.

Purchases and hotel reservations in Nerja. They are usually paid by card. Since the reservation has been previously accepted online through booking, expedia or other online hotel reservation agencies. But in the local bars, restaurants and shops the situation is a bit different.

What is the official currency in Spain?

The Euro (€). The official currency in Nerja is the official currency of Spain.
If you need to make a currency exchange. You can check the official value on the website of the European Central Bank. Or visit some official exchange websites. In Nerja you can exchange money in cash machines or banks.

Where can I get money in Nerja?

If you visit Nerja you can withdraw money in the local currency at any bank cash machine. Check the exchange fees before withdrawing money in euros.

Where can I change my money into euros?

In Nerja it is easy to find cash machines for withdrawing money in Nerja’s shopping centres and areas, town centre and historic centre.

If you need to change your money into euros, you can do so in the exchange offices, in several banks and in most hotels and travel agencies.

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If you need to send money from Spain or receive money sent to Spain, you can do so from Spanish post offices and parcels (oficina de Correos), and through specialised companies. The post office in Nerja is in the historic centre. You can send money in Nerja.

How can I pay in Spain?

We always recommend carrying cash in your pocket. There are small shops that do not have the option of paying by card. But in almost all shops it is possible to pay by card.

In Nerja you can pay in cash in almost all cases, and normally only euros are accepted. In some cases, if payment is made through a machine, it may be necessary to pay by card.

Most shops in Nerja accept card payments. And you can pay with a physical card or a card on your mobile phone. Also with contactless cards.

Important: VISA OR MASTERCARD. The option of paying with credit and debit cards, mainly Visa and Mastercard, is widespread.

However, card payments may require a minimum spend of around 10 euros and may be subject to fees depending on the terms and conditions of your card.

When making payments, it is not acceptable to haggle over the marked price. In Spain, it is not acceptable to haggle. Normally shops will give a fair price and have good discounts.

Some online shops in Nerja can accept Paypal or Bizum payments.

More questions about payment methods

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