Long term rental in Nerja

If you are looking for a long-term rental flat or apartment in Nerja. Or simply rent for more than a month. (Not vacation rental). If you are looking for a vacation or short-term rental, you can see this other article. “Short term rental in Nerja.”

Many people look for apartments for months at a time for different reasons, but the most normal ones are because they come to study or work in Nerja. This is why I have created this article to help you find rental apartments in Nerja for your stay.

Here we give you some tips to find an apartment in Nerja to rent for a long term.

Search for a long-term rental apartment in Nerja

When looking for an apartment to live in Nerja, it is recommended to use different means to have more options available.

  1. Local real estate agencies: Real estate agencies in the area usually have a wide range of apartments available for rent or purchase. It is advisable to approach them and consult the options they offer.
  2. Real estate portals: Websites such as Idealista, Fotocasa or Habitaclia have a wide variety of advertisements for apartments for sale or rent in Nerja. You can filter the results by area, number of rooms and other criteria to adjust it to your needs.
  3. Groups on social networks: Facebook has several groups for buying and selling homes in the Nerja area. You can join these groups and post your needs and budget, so that community members can offer you options.
  4. Direct with the owner. If you can rent an apartment directly from the owner, the prices can be cheaper.

Best area to rent an apartment in Nerja

  • Historic center: If you want to live near the beach and the main leisure and tourism places, the historic center of Nerja is a good option. Here you will find charming apartments and a wide range of services.
  • Residential area: There are various urbanizations in Nerja, such as San Juan de Capistrano, Chimenea or Burriana, where you can find apartments in urbanizations with swimming pools and garden areas. These areas are ideal if you are looking for tranquility and privacy.
  • Surroundings: If you prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of the center a little, there are areas like Maro or Fuente del Badén that are just a few minutes from Nerja and offer a more rural and quiet environment. This option is ideal if you are looking for natural landscapes and tranquility.

Always remember to visit the apartments in person and contact multiple sources to find the best option that suits your needs and budget.

Frigiliana, Axarquia – Costa del Sol

Long term accommodation in Nerja

  1. Apartments: Apartments are a popular option for long-term rentals in Nerja. You can find apartments of different sizes and with various amenities, such as sea views, terraces, swimming pools, parking, among others.
  2. Townhouses: Townhouses are another common option in Nerja. These homes usually have more space than apartments and offer a more family atmosphere. Some townhouses also include a communal pool and garden areas.
  3. Villas: If you are looking for more luxurious and spacious accommodation, villas are an excellent option. These properties usually have large gardens, private pools, several rooms and an excellent location.
  4. Bungalows: Bungalows are a comfortable and affordable option, especially if you are traveling as a couple or in small groups. These homes usually have a terrace, garden and shared pool.
  5. Studios: If you are looking for a more affordable option for an individual or a couple, studios are a popular alternative. These properties are compact and offer all the amenities needed for a long-term stay.

It is important to keep in mind that the availability and prices of these types of accommodation may vary depending on the season, so it is recommended to consult real estate agencies or long-term rental websites in Nerja for up-to-date information.

Nerja, Costa del Sol – Photo by nerja holiday

Long-term rental prices in Nerja

Long-term rental prices for an apartment in Nerja may vary depending on the size, location and amenities of the property:

  1. Studio: The monthly rent for a studio in Nerja can be around €400 to €600.
  2. One-bedroom apartment: The monthly rental cost of a one-bedroom apartment can range between €500 and €800.
  3. Two-bedroom apartment: The monthly rental price of a two-bedroom apartment can be approximately €700 to €1,200.
  4. Apartment with three bedrooms or more: For larger apartments with three bedrooms or more, rental prices can start from €900 and exceed €1,500 per month.
  5. Villas and rural houses: From €1,500 per month, we can find rural houses with private pool and barbecue. Renting villas is a good option to enjoy life surrounded by nature. We can find villas and rural houses in Nerja, Frigiliana and Torrox.

It is important to note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on the exact location, condition of the property and market conditions. It is recommended to contact local real estate agents or search on specialized platforms to obtain more accurate and up-to-date information on rental prices in Nerja.

Long-term rental for workers in Nerja

These are the most in-demand jobs in Nerja and for which many people come to work in Nerja.

  1. Hospitality staff: given the importance of tourism in Nerja’s economy, jobs in the hospitality sector, such as waiters, cooks or receptionists, are usually in high demand.
  2. Workers in the tourism sector: tourist guides, monitors of tourist activities, travel agents, among others, are jobs in demand due to the large influx of tourists who visit the city.
  3. Cleaning and maintenance staff: With a large number of private homes and hotels, there is a constant demand for cleaning and maintenance staff to keep the city in good condition.
  4. Construction professionals: urban development and the construction of new infrastructure in the city generate demand for bricklayers, carpenters, electricians and other professionals in the sector.
  5. Workers in the health sector: medical personnel, nurses and nursing assistants are jobs in demand in the city due to the presence of hospitals and health centers.

It is important to keep in mind that these trends may change over time and depend on economic and social factors.

If you are looking for a monthly rental apartment, write to us and we will help you.

Rent an apartment in Nerja. The best offers

The most important thing is to tell the agent or landlord why you are coming to Nerja and what are the reasons why you are looking for an apartment in Nerja. After this they will help you find the best home to live in based on your needs.

Example; I am looking for an apartment to live in Nerja, I am looking for a cheap apartment in Nerja, I am looking for an apartment to study in Nerja, I need an apartment for a move, Apartment for workers in Nerja, I am looking for an apartment to have throughout the year, I am looking for an apartment toteachers, I am looking for a flat to study in Nerja, I am looking for a flat to work in Nerja (keep in mind that in Nerja there are many waiters, travel agents, doctors, civil servants, etc.). You have to explain the reason a little, if you are looking for an apartment in Nerja out of necessity or comfort. Here I show you some reasons why many people look for rental apartments in Nerja.

  1. Studies: Some people may need to travel to another city to access a university or specialized educational center that is not available in their city of origin. This could include graduate programs, specific bachelor’s degrees, or unique educational programs. We can find rental apartments for students or students in Nerja.
  2. Language schools: Those who wish to learn a specific language may choose to go to a city where recognized language schools are offered or where that language is spoken fluently. Apartments for teachers, officials or students who come to take a course in Nerja.
  3. Sports activities: Some people may move to another city to access quality sports facilities to practice a particular sport. This may be especially relevant for those looking to become professional athletes or compete at a high level. Apartments for rent for footballers, coaches, athletes, or people who come to Nerja to practice sports for a long time.
  4. Investments: People may have business interests or investments in another city and need to be nearby to monitor and manage their assets. People looking for an apartment to manage their businesses or to establish themselves in Nerja while they look for other accommodation.
  5. Work: Many people move to another city due to job openings or job opportunities that are not available in their current location. This may include better salaries, better career growth prospects, or more advanced infrastructure in a specific field. This is one of the most common. People looking for a rental apartment to work in Nerja, rooms in a rental apartment, etc. Whether they are officials, waiters, cooks, or travel agents. There are long-term rental apartments available.
  6. Teaching: Education professionals may need to move to another city to obtain employment at universities or schools that offer better working conditions or a better academic reputation. Apartments for teachers, apartments for students, rental apartments for teachers or professors in Nerja.
  7. Destinations to work: Some cities can be considered preferred destinations to work in specific industries. For example, Silicon Valley in California is known for its high concentration of technology companies, attracting professionals from all over the world.
  8. Quality of life: Some people may want to move to a city that offers a better quality of life in terms of safety, infrastructure, health services, culture, entertainment, etc. There are people who are simply looking to rent a rural house in Nerja, a villa or apartment to live on the coast or in the mountains.
  9. Lifestyle: People may choose to move to a city that better fits their preferred lifestyle. For example, those who enjoy outdoor activities can move to a city close to nature, while those seeking an active urban life can choose a cosmopolitan city.
  10. Network and networking opportunities: Moving to a new city can offer the opportunity to establish new professional connections and expand your network, which can be beneficial for career development and the search for new opportunities. Many people come to Nerja to do business.

Where to look for rentals in Nerja

There are several online and physical options to search for rental apartments. Here we detail the most popular ones.

Online platforms:

  1. Idealista: It is a platform widely used in Spain, it has a wide variety of apartment rental ads, allowing you to filter by price, location, size and characteristics. You can also contact the owners directly through the platform.
  2. Fotocasa: Another platform widely used in Spain, it offers an extensive database of apartments for rent. Allows you to filter by price, size, location, characteristics and type of home. In addition, it has an interactive map to search for apartments by specific areas.
  3. Airbnb: Although primarily used to find short-term accommodation, there are also long-term rental options. It is a good option if you are looking for a furnished apartment and you only need it for a certain period.
  4. Idealista, Fotocasa and Airbnb have mobile applications to facilitate the search for apartments from the comfort of your phone.

Facebook Marketplace: It is a platform where people can sell and rent all types of products, including apartments. You can search for rental apartments in your area using filters such as price, location and size.

Physical options when you arrive in Nerja:

  1. Real estate agencies: You can go to real estate agencies in your area and ask them for information about available rental apartments. Some agencies charge a commission for their services.
  2. Advertisements in local newspapers: Although it is becoming less common, some landlords still publish advertisements for rental apartments in local newspapers. You can consult the classifieds or real estate section.
  3. Posters in the area: You may find advertisements for apartments for rent posted on poles or shop windows in the area where you want to rent.
  4. Acquaintances, friends and family: Ask your acquaintances, friends and family if they know of any apartments for rent or if they can recommend someone who may have that information.

I hope this helps you find a long-term rental apartment in Nerja. If you have questions you can write to us. If you need help finding an apartment, we also recommend contacting Nerja Holidays, one of our collaborators who has a large list of apartments in Nerja.

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