How to get to the Maro waterfall?

Where is the Maro waterfall?

The Maro waterfall is between La Caleta beach and Maro beach. (the two beaches of Maro). But if you want to go kayaking then you have to rent a kayak. You can rent it at Burriana beach and or Maro beach.

How to get to the waterfall:

The Maro Falls are one of the secret places that the Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Nature Reserve hides. This cannot be seen from the ground. There is no vantage point to see the waterfall. This impressive waterfall can be seen from the sea.

🛶 Kayak to the Maro waterfall

You can rent a kayak at Burriana beach or Maro beach. And you can go kayaking along the coast to the Maro waterfall. From Maro beach it will take less time. (about 30 minutes). From Nerja the journey will be longer and also the return. If you go two people you can rent a double kayak.

🛶 Rent a Paddle Surf to get to the waterfall

As in Kayak, you can rent a paddle surf. And you can get to the waterfall. For the kayak we recommend that the water is calm. Catching a paddle surf with waves can be more difficult. And the effort to row is greater. You can rent a paddle board in Burriana or Maro. Or you can buy a cheap inflatable paddle board on amazon before you travel. And you already have it available for every day of your vacation.

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