Where is the McDonald’s restaurant in Nerja?

I have been to Nerja twice and I have not been able to find the McDonalds restaurant, nor the Burger King. Can someone tell me where I can find it? I thought I would be on the Balcony of Europe or in the busiest place. But I haven’t found it. Sofia.

Hello! I’m sorry to tell you that in Nerja there are no McDonalds. But you can taste good hamburgers in local restaurants. There are very good steak and hamburger restaurants.

McDonalds near Nerja

You can find a McDonalds in Velez Malaga and another in Almuñecar. Both just 20/30 minutes from Nerja.

Burger King near Nerja

You can find Burger King in Velez Malaga. just 20/30 minutes from Nerja.

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