⭐ NERJA FAIR 2023 🎉 – Official program, activities, events.

The Nerja Fair. The biggest festival in Nerja. 5 days of parties and fun with all kinds of activities. The Nerja Fair begins on October 7, 2023 and ends on October 12, 2023.

Nerja celebrates its annual Fair in October. Here you have the essential information about the Nerja Fair:

– The dates of the Nerja Fair
– The official program of the Nerja Fair
– Events at the Nerja Fair
– Where is the Nerja fair held?
– What to do in Nerja during the fair
– Book accommodation at the Nerja Fair

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📢 Official program and concerts NERJA FAIR 2023

When is the Nerja Fair?

The Nerja Fair is from October 7 or 8 to 12: On these dates the patron saint festivities are celebrated in honor of the Virgin of Angustias and San Miguel Arcángel.

What’s at the Nerja fair?

In October and during the days of the Fairs there are processions, a Flamenco singing festival, folk performances, floats, festivals and much more.

Events at the Nerja Fair

During the fair days we can find events of all kinds. Nerja Fair fishing contest, Nerja Fair popular race, Waiters’ Race, Equestrian Shows, Miss and Mister Nerja Gala, Live Music, concerts and other shows.

Official program of the Nerja Fair.

The official program will be announced a few days before the Nerja Fair begins.

Where to stay in Nerja during the Nerja Fair.

If you are looking to be close to the Fair or fairgrounds, we recommend the central area. Keep in mind that there is more noise from shows, concerts, street bands, attractions and pyrotechnic shows.

Check on the map. And look for accommodation in the center of Nerja.
See cheap accommodation for the fair here: https://www.nerjalovers.com/apartamentos/

October 12. National holiday. (in Spain)

Hispanic Heritage Day coincides with the town fair on October 12.

If you visit Nerja during the Fair, you can write to the Nerja lovers group and ask for recommendations on theBest Apartments for the Nerja Fair, Best Hotels for the Nerja Fair, Nerja Fair Announcement, Nerja Fair Gala, Nerja Fair Concerts etc..

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