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We are already 100,000 #Nerja Lovers on the internet. The largest community in Nerja and about Nerja. Every day we help all the people who have doubts about Nerja, we share the best photos and videos of Nerja. And we help you organize your trip so you can enjoy Nerja.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the forum. We will be happy to help you. Here we show you some of the doubts, advice and threads of the Nerja Lovers forum

📢 Help for your trip to Nerja

In the Nerjalovers community we are passionate about Nerja. We buy in neighborhood stores, we like to recommend the best hotels in Nerja, the best beaches and the best restaurants in Nerja.

✅ Doubts about NERJA HOTELS

  • Help on the best hotels in Nerja
  • Typical questions about each hotel (what the hotel offers)
  • Is breakfast included?
  • Is there an all-inclusive option?
  • Does the room have a hairdryer?
  • Tv with English, French and Swedish channels?

✅ Doubts about the CAVE OF NERJA

  • Tickets, offers and discounts
  • Prices for the cave, museum and tourist train
  • Bus from Nerja to the Cueva de Nerja
  • Visit Cueva de Nerja Free (only 20 tickets per day)
  • Stops of the Cueva Tren (tourist train)
  • Cueva de Nerja Parking


  • Where to park on Maro beach
  • Which day is less crowded
  • Is it the best beach in Nerja?
  • Restaurants on the beach de Maro
  • Maro beach bus


  • Doubts in general about the beaches
  • Where can I see if there are jellyfish on the beaches
  • Which is the best beach to go with children
  • Beach bars

✅ Doubts about the weather in Nerja

  • Doubts in general about the weather on your vacation
  • We try to help you with the advice of other people
  • You can ask about the weather on your trip to Nerja
  • See if it will rain in Nerja during your trip.
  • We are not fortune tellers, but we can try to give you advice.

✅ Doubts about the CHILLAR RIVER

  • Book a tour to do the Rio Chillar

🚀 If you have a business and want to offer assistance to all customers through the forum. Write us and we will help you. This forum is available for apartment owners, real estate agents, tour guides, hotels, shops in Nerja, businessmen who wish to offer support and help to their clients.

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