▷ Price guide in Spain: How much do things cost in Nerja? ☝

How much does a coffee cost, how much does breakfast cost, how much does it cost to eat in the street, how much does a pizza cost, how much does a loaf of bread cost, how much does a bus ticket cost, how much does a taxi cost, how much does a transfer to the airport cost?

How much does it cost to spend a night in a hotel, rent an apartment, book a restaurant, rent a car or buy fruit. Here we explain the cost of the basic services so that you can plan your trip.


In general terms, the cost of living in Nerja is similar to that of other Spanish cities, but if we compare it with European cities. Nerja is cheap. Here we leave you a list of the prices of the main products and services in Nerja so that you can plan your budget.

  • Bus ticket from Nerja to Malaga: 4.7€ – (BOOK HERE)
  • Shuttle bus from Malaga Airport to Nerja: €4.7 (BOOK HERE)
  • Transfer from Malaga Airport to Nerja: from €65 ~ €70 (BOOK HERE)
  • Transport from Nerja to Malaga Airport: Taxi or Transfer from €65 ~ €70 (BOOK HERE)
  • Free beer with a tapa in Nerja: €1 at the cheapest bar. The average price is €1.8 approx.
  • Secured paid parking per hour: €25/day
  • Ice cream in the Balcón de Europa: from €2.5 upwards
  • Drink at tuttifrutti square: from €4.5
  • Beer at tuttifrutti square: from €3
  • Coffee in a café: from €1.20 to €1.60
  • Full breakfast. Toast + coffee + juice: from 5 to 8 euros.
  • Ticket for Nerja Cave: from €12.75 – buy here
  • Bottle of water 1.5 liters in a shop or kiosk: €0.70 in neighborhood stores.
  • Hotel room in low season: €40 per night for 2 people
  • Rent a flat 1 bedroom for long term: from €400 per month
  • Buy a loaf of bread in the Nerja bakeries (from €0.80 to €1).
  • Only 30 cents if you buy the loaf of bread at Mercadona, Carrefour or Lidl.
  • Price of the Cueva Tren in Nerja: €4 (you can buy it on the train)
  • Normal hamburger: from €4 – Premium: from €8
  • Gasoline: more than 2 euros per liter
  • A menu of the day in a restaurant: from €10 ( drink, bread, 2 dishes + coffee or dessert)

Buy fruit in Nerja. We recommend you buy in greengrocers and neighborhood stores. The fruit in Nerja is by weight. (In some European cities it is per piece). But here you can buy by the kilo. Enjoy the products of the area: Mangoes and avocados are delicious.

If we buy at tourist sites, beach kiosks, or similar. Prices will be higher than normal.

Alcoholic beverages, drinks or beers. In Nerja they are relatively cheap when compared to other European towns or cities.

Eating on the street is cheap. Some restaurants offer pizzas from €3.5 for a complete pizza. And dishes from €5. But the normal or average prices are 6/8 euros for a portion or plate of food.

Some prices have increased after the pandemic. All this has been due to high taxes, rise in electricity, gas, consumer products, fuel, etc..

With this list we do not want to get into high price debates. Any comments complaining about prices will be deleted. This is not the purpose.

We just want to assess the average cost of things in Nerja. For travelers to have an idea of the cost of living in Nerja, the cost of eating in Nerja or the money you will spend on a trip to Nerja.

We would like to expand this list. Do you have any recommendation?

What has been amazingly cheap for you in Nerja? You can write it here in the group comments.


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