Student accommodation in Nerja

Student accommodation are places where students can live during their period of study, whether in their home country or abroad. These accommodations are specifically designed to meet the needs of students and provide them with a suitable environment to concentrate on their studies.

Common features of student accommodation include single or shared rooms, common areas for socializing, Internet access, basic furniture such as beds, wardrobes and desks, and shared amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry facilities.

There are different types of student accommodation, such as student residences, shared apartments, student houses, university housing or host families.

There are also accommodations for digital nomads or people who travel to work. And they need accommodation with an internet connection to live and work. In Nerja we can also recommend places or accommodation for workers.

Calahonda Beach, Nerja – Photo by @ Nerja Holidays

Rental for students in Nerja.

Student residences: These are buildings specially designed to house students, generally located near educational institutions. The rooms are usually single or shared and offer services such as a dining room, study room, laundry and common areas for socializing. Additionally, some residences provide additional services such as housekeeping and 24-hour security.

Shared apartments: These consist of renting an apartment with other students, where each one has their own private room but they share common areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room. This option provides more independence and flexibility, and is often cheaper than living alone. Expenses such as rent, utilities and internet are divided between the roommates.

Rental apartments: This involves renting a complete house that can be shared with other students or live alone. It is similar to shared apartments, but usually provides more space and privacy. Expenses are divided between tenants, and a medium or long-term lease is usually required.

Hotel rooms: Some hotels offer the option of long-term room rentals for students. These rooms are equipped with basic services such as bed, bathroom, desk and internet access. Although they can be more expensive than other accommodation alternatives, they are usually more comfortable and offer additional services such as cleaning and security.

University housing: Some educational institutions provide accommodation in their own facilities, such as dormitories or apartments. These housing are exclusively for students and are generally located near campus. The rooms can be individual or shared and usually have services such as dining room, study areas, laundry and common activities to promote interaction between residents.

Host families: This option involves living with a local family that offers accommodation to international students. The family provides a private room in their home and may also include meals and additional services. Living with a host family provides an enriching cultural experience and the opportunity to practice the local language.

It is important to take individual preferences and needs into account when choosing a type of accommodation. Costs, location, independence and social environment are factors to consider when finding the best option for each student.

Student accommodation prices in Nerja

Prices for student accommodation in Nerja vary depending on type and location. In general, rents in student residences can range between 500 and 800 euros per month. Private rental apartments just for you from €600/€650 per month. And shared apartments usually cost around 300 to 500 euros per month per room.

  • Complete 1-bedroom apartment: from €600 / month
  • Single room in shared apartment: from €300 / month
  • Electricity, water and internet costs not included.

Student accommodation are places specially designed to meet the needs of students during their study period. There are different accommodation options, such as student residences, shared apartments or host families, and prices vary depending on type and location, both in Spain and in other parts of the world.

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