Summer job in Nerja – Work in summer in Spain

A temporary job or summer job is a work occupation that has a limited duration in time, generally during the summer or on specific occasions such as Christmas or Easter. These jobs are usually hired by companies to cover a temporary demand for personnel, such as to attend the high tourism season or to reinforce the team during a peak of work.

These types of jobs are usually offered to students, young people or people looking for extra income, and can be in different sectors such as hospitality, retail, tourism, among others. Although they are temporary and usually have a short duration, they can be a good opportunity to gain work experience, earn extra money or even to get a permanent job in the future.

Is there work in Nerja?

Just do a Google search to see that Nerja is a place with job offers. You can try saying “Work in Nerja”, “work in summer in Nerja”, “job offers in Nerja”, or simply “go to Nerja to work”. To see job offers in the search engine.

Here are some images of pages that offer jobs in Nerja.

We can also look for job offers in supermarkets. Carrefour, lidl, Aldi and Mercadona offer temporary jobs every summer season in Nerja. I have searched on Google and coincidentally there are some job offers at the time of writing this post.

You can also look directly at the job offers on the mercadona website: https://info.

Search for job offers in Nerja

Here you can directly find job offers in Nerja. These pages offer jobs in Nerja of all kinds. Currently there are jobs in the hospitality industry, travel agencies, real estate agencies, store clerks, commercial agents, supermarkets, hotel receptionists, apartment cleaning, etc. You can see the list of jobs offered here:

If you are in Nerja, you can search the area. Word of mouth, asking from one business to another, sending resumes in Nerja.

SEARCH IN THE FORUM: If you are looking for work in Nerja. You can ask in the forum here. Ask a question in Nerja

  • Learn about local job fairs and networking events.
  • Contact directly with companies of interest to send your resume or ask about possible vacancies.
  • Use social networks to follow companies and professionals in your sector, and be aware of possible job opportunities.
  • Contact employment agencies and headhunters who can help you find work more quickly and efficiently.
  • Web pages to search for work

    1. Indeed: It is one of the most popular platforms to search for jobs in various sectors and geographic locations. It offers a wide range of jobs, from entry-level positions to executive roles.
    2. LinkedIn: It is a professional social network where you can search for work, connect with recruiters and follow companies of interest to you. It also offers the possibility of publishing your profile and receiving job offers.
    3. Infojobs: It is a website specialized in job offers in Spain. It offers jobs in various sectors such as administration, marketing, sales, technology and more.
    4. Monster: It is a platform with a wide variety of job offers in different sectors and locations. In addition, it offers resources to improve your profile and advice for the job search process.
    5. Glassdoor: It is a website where you can find detailed information about companies, salaries, interviews and employee opinions. It also offers a section of job offers in different sectors.

    Send CV in Nerja

    In tourist areas, you can post resumes in different places and send your cover letter by email to hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, travel agencies, theme parks, outdoor activity centers, among others. Some ways to do this include:

    1. Personally visit the establishments and deliver your resume in person.
    2. Search for employment opportunities on job search websites specific to the tourism industry.
    3. Use social networks to connect with tourism companies and send them your resume.
    4. Participate in job fairs or tourism-related events where you can deliver your resume directly to employers.
    5. Contact tourism companies directly through their website or email to send them your resume.

    Summer Job Offers in Nerja

    These are the most common job offers that can be found in Nerja for summer.

    1. Lifeguard at swimming pools or beaches
    2. Aquatic activities monitor
    3. Maintenance personnel in urbanizations
    4. Travel agent in tourist agencies
    5. Tourist guide in coastal areas
    6. Recreational boat crew member
    7. Cleaning staff in hotels and tourist apartments
    8. Street vendor on beaches
    9. Tourist entertainer
    10. Assistant in souvenir shops.

    Working in Nerja

    Jobs that we can find in Nerja

    1. Waiter: Works in bars, restaurants or beach bars serving food and drinks to customers.
    2. Animatestourist center: Organizes entertainment activities for tourists, such as games, sports or shows.
    3. Hotel receptionist: Serves guests at the reception of a hotel, managing check-in and check-out, as well as providing information about accommodation.
    4. Lifeguard: Monitors the safety of bathers on beaches or swimming pools, assisting in case of emergency.
    5. Cleaning worker: Performs cleaning and maintenance tasks in hotels, tourist apartments or other establishments.
    6. Street vendor: Offers products to tourists in busy areas, such as the beach or promenade.
    7. Aquatic activities monitors: They teach surfing, paddle surfing, diving or other aquatic activities classes to tourists.
    8. Tour guide: Accompany visitors on city tours or excursions to places of interest, providing information about local history and culture.
    9. Kitchen helper: Collaborates in the preparation of dishes and cleaning utensils in restaurants.
    10. Public relations: Work in nightclubs, bars or events promoting the establishment and serving customers.
    11. Box Office Clerk: Sells tickets to tourist attractions, shows or excursions.
    12. Photographer: Take photo sessions for tourists on the beach or emblematic places in the city.
    13. Adventure sports monitor: Organize activities such as hiking, climbing, rafting or rappelling for the most adventurous tourists.
    14. Massage: Offers relaxing or therapeutic massage services to tourists in spas, hotels or beaches.
    15. Home delivery food delivery person: Deliver food orders to tourists in their accommodation or on the beach.
    16. Childminder: Responsible for entertaining and caring for tourists’ children while they carry out other activities.
    17. Bicycle rental: Manage the rental of bicycles to tourists who want to explore the city or its surroundings by bicycle.
    18. Excursion salesman: Sells tourist excursion packages to destinations close to tourists.
    19. Temporary tattoo artist: Offers temporary tattoo services on beaches or tourist events.
    20. Artisan: Sells handmade products such as jewelry, clothing or decorations to tourists at markets or local stores.

    As you have seen, in Nerja there are many possibilities of finding work in the summer. The population increases x3. We recommend you search summer accommodation in Nerja to look at the accommodation options for months in Nerja .

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