What is the cost of a taxi from Malaga airport to Nerja?

Does anyone know how much a taxi approx cost from nerja to malaga airport, daytime on the weekend? I’m going to visit Nerja this weekend. We know that there are always taxis at Malaga airport. But taking a taxi without booking can cost more than €100. Do you know what the cost is when booking?

Hello, the cost of a transfer from the Airport to Nerja or from Nerja to the Airport is €65 to €75 for a transfer booked in advance.

We always recommend booking a transfer in advance. We collaborate with several reliable and legal taxi drivers. You can book for free and pay after the service in cash or card.

Why book before?

  • The price is cheaper.
  • The transfer awaits you upon arrival in Malaga.
  • If you take a taxi at Malaga airport the price is higher.
  • Booking is free. You don’t need to pay in advance.
  • We can help you with your online reservation here: TAXI TRANSFER NERJA
  • Taxi Nerja Whatsapp

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