What is the typical food of Nerja?

Some of the typical foods you should try in Nerja are:

  1. Sardine skewers (espetos): These are fresh sardines, skewered on a fishing rod and grilled. It is an emblematic dish of the area and very tasty.
  2. Fresh seafood: Nerja is on the coast, so you can enjoy fresh seafood such as prawns, prawns, crayfish, octopus, among others.
  3. Cod dishes: The area’s fishing tradition has given rise to a wide variety of cod dishes, such as Biscayan-style cod or golden cod.
  4. Ajoblanco: It is a cold soup made with almonds, garlic, bread and olive oil. It is very refreshing and is usually served in the summer months.
  5. Migas: It is a typical dish of the region, made from grated hard bread, garlic, bacon, chorizo and olive oil. It is a hearty and tasty dish.
  6. Fried fish: In Nerja you can find various fried fish dishes, such as anchovies, squid, mullet, among others.
  7. Tropical fruits: The Nerja area and its surroundings are known for its cultivation of tropical fruits such as mangoes, custard apples, avocados and papayas.

These are just some options, but the gastronomy of the area is very varied and you can also find meat dishes, sausages and typical desserts.

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