🥘 WHERE to EAT a good PAELLA in Nerja? → The best paella in Nerja 🥇

In Nerja you can find very good restaurants to eat a good paella. There are many beach restaurants and restaurants in the center of Nerja where we can order a portion of paella or order a full paella.

Where do we eat the best paella in Nerja? One of the simple questions that we are going to try to solve in this article. This question has been asked several times in the Nerja Lovers Facebook group. You can see here all the best restaurants to eat a good paella in Nerja. – Check Here

Some restaurants in Nerja to eat paella:

Rincón de Encarni, Nerja

Paella Rincon de Encarni, Nerja – Photo by Marsha Delima

El Rincon de Encarni is a restaurant near the Hotel Parador de Nerja that offers a very good and varied menu. In this restaurant we can order a good paella, here you can see a paella

Restaurant Playa Sol in Burriana Beach, Nerja

Beach and Sun, Burriana Beach, Nerja – Photo by Marc Lloyd

The Playa y Sol restaurant is another nice restaurant on Burriana Beach where we can eat seafood paella. The plan is perfect, a paella for 2 people, and a day at the beach to enjoy Nerja.

Rincon del Sabor, Nerja

Rincon del Sabor, Nerja – Photo by Joseph Campbell

Rincon del Sabor Restaurant is located in a central area. C. Ruperto Andúez, 2, 29780 Nerja, Málaga. Travelers in the NerjaLovers group speak highly of the paellas served at this restaurant. You have to try new places. This is an opportunity to taste a delicious paella in this restaurant, in the Rincon del Sabor and tell us. 🙂

Italica Cafeteria, Plaza Cavana

Italica Cafe, Plaza Cavana Nerja – Photo by Suzanne Toft

In Plaza Cavana we can also find some restaurants that offer paellas, Here is a paella from Cafeteria Italica in Plaza Cavana, near the Alehop Souvernirs store and the Balcon de Europa church.

Chiringuito AYO in Burriana Beach, Nerja

Chiringuito Ayo, Nerja – Photo by NERJA

Ayo’s Chiringuito. This restaurant is specialized in paellas, every day they make great paellas and you can eat your portion of paella without reserving. It is not necessary to reserve. You can also buy and pick up to go. Ayo rice is very famous. Likewise, the chiringuito de ayo and the Tintero in La Cala are well-known places in the province of Malaga. With this we encourage you to also try the Paella de Ayo and tell us your opinion.

Bruxelles Restaurant in Nerja

Paella in Bruxelles, Nerja – Photo by Joanne White

The Bruxelles Restaurant (Restaurante Nerja de Nerja), is located in Nerja, on Burriana beach, it is a restaurant located near the Chiringuito Ayo and the Buskers Bar. The food lovers of the Nerja Lovers group speak well of this restaurant. A perfect place to eat a portion of paella on Burriana beach 🙂

La Barca Restaurant, Burriana Beach

Paella Merendero La Barca Nerja – Photo By Metthew Ballinger

This restaurant is located on Burriana Beach, it is a restaurant on the beach. Which allows you to taste the best dishes by the sea. (skewered sardines, fish, shellfish and meat). Are you a rice lover? You can’t forget to try the paella for two people or for the whole family.

🥇 The best paella in Nerja 🏆

In Nerja we can taste the best paellas in Andalusia. The typical paella of Spain can be found in many restaurants in Nerja. Enjoy the good gastronomy in Nerja. 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

  • The authentic Valencian Paella in Nerja. (the typical Spanish paella)
  • The Paella meat. A good option for meat lovers.
  • The Mixed Paella. This paella contains seafood and meat.
  • Paella of lobster. A special and delicious paella.
  • Vegetarian Paella. Paella for lovers of vegetarian food.
  • Paella of seafood. The authentic paella of the Andalusian coast made with fresh seafood.
  • The Paella black (This paella is made with black rice).
  • Paella white. (Paella without colour, smell, no colorant, no saffron)

Eat a paella on Burriana beach

Here we make a list of all the recommended restaurants in the group to eat paella in Nerja, Frigiliana or Torrox. Any questions you have, you can write a comment.

On Burriana beach we can eat a good paella in the restaurants on the beach, a good paella with views of the sea is a gift from the gods. Burriana beach has very good restaurants to eat paella.

  • Moreno
  • La Barca
  • Jose Cruz
  • Bruxelles
  • Chiringuito Ayo

Paella on Torrecilla beach

Do you want to eat a paella on another beach in Nerja? At La Playa Torrecilla de Nerja we can eat paella with spectacular views of the sea, and enjoy the best views accompanying our paella with some sardine skewers and a good beer :-).

  • Torrecilla Beach Bar
  • Los Cobos Restaurant

Also in the Plaza de los Cangrejos we find good restaurants to eat a good paella in Nerja.

Eat paella in the center of Nerja

There are very good restaurants in Nerja to taste the best paellas. Eating an authentic Valencian paella in Nerja or seafood paella is possible in Nerja. In Nerja you can find restaurants that make paellas of all kinds. Other restaurants that are recommended in the Nerja Lovers forum are the following:

  • Rincon de Encarni Restaurant
  • Trebol Cafeteria
  • Rincon del Sabor Restaurant
  • Joanny (Plaza del Olvido)
  • Cafeteria Miralmar at Prolongation of Calle Carabeo in Nerja
  • El Nautico
  • Sergio’s bar
  • Bamboo Nerja
  • Benitez carrabeo street
  • Restaurant EL Portico Nerja

Other places to eat paella

Here we make a list of all the recommended restaurants in the group to eat paella in Nerja, Frigiliana or Torrox. Any questions you have, you can write a comment.

  • Ferroche (Torrox Costa promenade)
  • Chiringuito Jose Jimenez 34

Where to buy paella to take away?

There are many restaurants in Nerja that you can order paella and pick up at the restaurant. Today many restaurants in Nerja are offering takeaway.

In Nerja you can order food to go.

In these places you can order your portion of paella, your roast chicken, croquettes, Russian salad, salads, soft drinks and homemade food. Highly recommended.

  • Grandma Carmela’s Kitchen (Before it was called “Pollos Carmela”)
  • What we eat today.

These two places do takeaway in Nerja. (call and pick up)

Frequently asked questions:

There are always doubts about the best places to eat. Here are some questions resolved.

Do I have to reserve a table?

In some restaurants you have to reserve a table, we recommend you make a reservation before or arrive early.

Full paella or paella portion?

This is a dilemma, each restaurant has its style.

  • Restaurants that offer paella portions: in Nerja we can find restaurants that serve paella portions. The restaurant makes various large or giant paellas and diners can order portions. It is what is called a “Ration of paella”, paella for 1 person, paella plate or rice plate. It is not necessary to order a large paella. Sometimes it is better to order paella dishes.
  • Restaurants to order complete paella: Here the concept is different. Diners order paella for 2 people, paella for 4 or 6 people. A paella is requested for the number of people. And they put the complete paella pan or pan on the table. We serve directly to the plate.
    Each restaurant will work in a different way.

Do I have to order the paella?

It is best to book. Nowadays it is better to book according to the number of people. Each restaurant has a different protocol.

Restaurants specializing in giant paellas it will not be necessary to reserve paella. They have portions or rations for you 🙂

Do you have any question?

Do you have any questions about paellas in Nerja?

You can consult the Nerja group or write a comment below.


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