Where to EAT in FRIGILIANA. The best restaurants.

Frigiliana is a beautiful town located in the province of Malaga, in the Andalusia region, in southern Spain. It is located about 6 kilometers from the popular coastal city of Nerja, and is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the entire province. With its traditional charm and rich historical heritage, Frigiliana is a perfect place to explore and enjoy Andalusian culture.

The old town of Frigiliana, known as Barribarto, is a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses. One of the best preserved neighborhoods of Arab origin in all of Spain. This charming medieval district has been carefully preserved over the years, giving it an authentic and authentic feel. Walking through its narrow alleys is like traveling back in time, admiring the Moorish architecture and the colorful flower pots that adorn every corner.

One of the most outstanding things about Frigiliana is its excellent gastronomy. The region’s typical food is based on fresh, quality ingredients, and combines Mediterranean and Arab influences. Among the most popular dishes are gazpacho, a cold tomato, cucumber and pepper soup; Pescaíto Frito, a selection of fried fish in a crispy flour batter; and the famous migas dish, a traditional fried bread dish with chorizo, bacon and raisins.

In addition to its delicious gastronomy, Frigiliana is also known for its typical products. Cane honey is one of the most famous products of the region, and is used in many local dishes as a natural sweetener. It is also possible to find products based on olive oil, such as soaps and cosmetics, since the region has a long tradition in the production of olive oil.

When it comes to restaurants in Frigiliana, there is a wide variety to choose from. One of the most notable is the Villa Frigiliana Restaurant, which offers a wide selection of traditional dishes. Another popular restaurant is El Jardín, which is located in the heart of the old town and offers stunning sea views. Other recommended places are El Cortijo de Frigiliana and La Taberna del Sacristán, both known for their excellent quality and service.

Where to find the best restaurants in Frigiliana?

Restaurants in Frigiliana offer mainly Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine, with a variety of traditional dishes from the region.

To search for the best restaurants in Frigiliana, some recommended portals are:

  1. TripAdvisor: www.tripadvisor.com
  2. ElTenedor: www.eltener.es
  3. Google Maps: www.google.com/maps

You can also search our Facebook group. www.nerjalovers.com/grupo

Restaurants with the most reviews in Frigiliana

Having more reviews does not mean that it is the best restaurant. But it does guarantee us that many people have passed by the restaurant. According to these portals, some of the best restaurants in Frigiliana are:

  1. The Garden Restaurant: Located on Calle Príncipe de Asturias, this restaurant offers Mediterranean and Spanish dishes with a contemporary touch. Its creative tapas and terrace with beautiful views stand out.
  2. El Ingenio Restaurant: Located on Calle Real, this restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Their dishes include fresh fish, paellas, meats and homemade desserts.
  3. Al Fuente Restaurant: Located on Calle Real, it offers a wide selection of Mediterranean and Spanish dishes. Their variety of tapas and portions stand out, as well as their grilled meats.
  4. Restaurant La Taberna del Sacristán: On Calle Real, this restaurant offers a mix of Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisine. Its specialties include game dishes, fresh fish and grilled meats.

It should be noted that this information may vary over time, so it is important to consult the updated portals to obtain the most recent information on the restaurants available in Frigiliana. – You can make a query in the Nerja Lovers forum

Frigiliana restaurants and typical dishes

Here is a list of restaurants in Frigiliana, with some typical dishes of each one and their location:

  1. El Acebuchal Restaurant – Typical dishes: Gazpacho, Espetos de sardines and Rabo de toro. Location: Ctra. from Frigiliana to Torrox, km 6.5.
  2. La Taberna del Sacristán Restaurant – Typical dishes: Gratin goat cheese, almond soup and lamb in stew. Location: Calle Real, 2.
  3. El Jardín Restaurant – Typical dishes: Peppers stuffed with seafood, Mixed Paella and Sirloin with Pedro Ximénez. Location: Calle San Sebastián, 46.
  4. Frigiliana Restaurant – Typical dishes: Avocado salad, Lamb chops and Lemon tart. Location: Frigiliana Center
  5. Axarquia Restaurant – Typical dishes: Seafood soup, Garlic goat and Catalan cream. Location: Frigiliana Nerja Highway
  6. Al Fuente Restaurant – Typical dishes: Galician-style octopus, Cheek and Cheesecake. Location: Calle Real, 15.
  7. Las Chinas Restaurant Bar – Typical dishes: Vegetable tempura, Orange chicken and Mango ice cream. Location: Calle Real, 30.
  8. Los Caracoles Restaurant – Typical dishes: Tropical salad, Rabbit with garlic and Chocolate cake. Location: Ctra. from Frigiliana to Torrox
  9. Mesón Plaza Tres Culturas – Typical dishes: Salmorejo from Cordoba, Roquefort sirloin and Bread pudding. Location: Plaza Tres Culturas
  10. La Fábrica Restaurant – Typical dishes: Prawns with pil-pil, Fish with salt and Egg Flan. Location: Calle San Sebastián, 36.

How to get to Frigiliana from Nerja

As for how to get there from Nerja, there are several options available. The easiest and most convenient way is to take a taxi or bus from the center of Nerja to Frigiliana, as the distance is relatively short. It is also possible to rent a car and drive along the road that connects the two cities, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views of the coast.

In Frigiliana, there is a wide range of activities to enjoy. Walking through the old town and discovering its cobbled streets is one of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of the town. You can also visit the Church of San Antonio, a beautiful 16th century church that has a Mudejar style tower.

What to do after eating in Frigiliana?

Another popular activity in Frigiliana is visiting the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, which houses an interesting collection of historical artifacts and exhibits showcasing the life and culture of the region over the centuries. You can also visit the Frigiliana Botanical Garden, a beautiful garden full of native and exotic plants.

If you like the outdoors, Frigiliana also offers numerous opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities. There are several hiking routes that take you through the surrounding mountains, offering stunning panoramic views of the coast and the town. It is also possible to visit the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, which is located a short distance away and offers spectacular landscapes and rich flora and fauna.

In short, Frigiliana is a hidden treasure on the Costa del Sol, combining natural beauty, history and a rich gastronomic culture. With its cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses and panoramic views, this Andalusian town will transport you to another era. Whether you are looking to enjoy delicious local food, explore its fascinating heritage or simply relax and enjoy the views, Frigiliana is a destination not to be missed.

I hope this initial selection helps you find some lovely places to enjoy the gastronomy of Frigiliana. My recommendation is that you get lost among the streets of Frigiliana and enjoy the hidden bars and charming places of Frigiliana.

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