Jet ski in Nerja

The jetski, also known as a jet ski, is a recreational craft used to enjoy water activities. It is a small boat that is driven by a high-power engine and is capable of reaching high speeds in the water.

Where to practice JetSki in Nerja

Jet Skiing can be practiced on all the beaches of Nerja, always in the area designated for water vehicles. These jet skis can be rented in Nerja at the best price. It is always recommended to book before arrival to ensure availability.

Book Jetski in Nerja

Some platforms where you can book jetski experiences in Nerja:

  1. GetYourGuide ( Offers a wide selection of jetski experiences in various destinations, with options for different skill levels and durations.
  2. Viator ( Offers options for jet ski experiences in many locations around the world, with reviews from other travelers to help you choose the best option.
  3. Airbnb Experiences ( Platform where local hosts offer personalized jetski experiences, allowing you to explore the area with expert guidance.

Tips for jet skiing:

  1. Learn the local rules and regulations: Find out about the regulations and rules governing the use of jet skis in the area where you plan to practice. This will help you avoid fines and stay safe.
  2. Use proper safety equipment: Always wear a life jacket, safety glasses, and any other recommended safety equipment. Safety should always be a priority.
  3. Learn to use the motorcycle correctly: Before starting your experience on the water, be sure to familiarize yourself with the controls and features of the motorcycle. It is important to know how to accelerate, brake and maneuver correctly.
  4. Maintain a safe distance: Stay away from other water vehicles and fixed objects to avoid collisions. Maintain a safe distance from other jetskis and boats.
  5. Respect the environment: Do not disturb marine life or go near protected areas. Remember that you are sharing the water with other living beings.

Some common requirements for jetskiing may include having a minimum age (generally 16 or 18 years old), having a boating license, and having liability insurance.

Frequently asked questions about jetski rental in Nerja:

  1. Do I need a license to drive a jetski? In many places, yes. A boating license or specific permit is often required to operate a personal watercraft. Check local regulations before using a rental scooter and consult the jet ski rental company. If you have any questions, you can write to us directly in the Nerja Lovers help forum
  2. Can I leave a jet ski to a minor? In most cases, the operator is required to be at least 16 or 18 years old. However, regulations may vary by location, so it’s best to check specific rules.
  3. Is jetskiing safe? Safety depends on several factors, such as compliance with navigation rules, use of appropriate safety equipment, responsible driving and respect for the environment and other water users. By following these guidelines, jetskiing can be safe.

Beaches for water sports in Nerja:

  1. Burriana Beach
  2. Calahonda Beach
  3. Maro Beach
  4. Torrecilla Beach
  5. El Chucho Beach
  6. Playazo Beach
  7. La Caleta Beach

To practice water sports near Nerja, you can visit:

  1. Maro Beach: Offers water sports experiences such as paddle surfing, kayaking and snorkeling near Nerja.
  2. Burriana Beach: Provides a variety of water activities, such as diving, water skiing, parasailing and paddle surfing on the Nerja coast.
  3. Beaches of Torre del Mar: Located in nearby Vélez-Málaga, it offers water sports such as wakeboarding, water skiing, jetskiing and paddle surfing.
  4. Playa de la Herradura: Like the previous ones, you can find all kinds of aquatic services, from surfing courses, to dives or diving baptisms.
  5. Marina del Este sports port: One of the closest ports to Nerja where we can find a variety of water sports, boat rentals, sailboats and cruises to enjoy on the high seas.

Always remember to follow local rules and regulations, and enjoy water sports safely and responsibly.

Water sports on the Costa del Sol

A wide variety of water sports are practiced on the Costa del Sol and Spain in general thanks to its extensive coastline and the large number of rivers and lakes. On the Costa del Sol, near Nerja, we can practice surfing, diving, sailing and kayaking, there are options for all tastes and skill levels.

Here are some ideas for water sports that you can book in the area:


Considered one of the most popular water sports in Spain, surfing is practiced on numerous beaches on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast. Destinations such as San Sebastián, Mundaka, Zarautz, Somo, Tarifa and Fuerteventura are known for their excellent waves and attractions for surfers of all ages and skill levels.


With abundant marine life and a wealth of reefs and dive sites, Spain offers exceptional opportunities to explore the depths of the sea. The Canary Islands, such as Tenerife and Lanzarote, as well as the Balearic Islands, are popular diving destinations. Divers can enjoy beautiful coral reefs, underwater caves and shipwrecks.


Spain has a long nautical tradition and offers excellent conditions for sailing. The Balearic Islands and the Costa del Sol are outstanding destinations for practicing this sport. From sailboat and catamaran rentals to regattas and sailing courses, there are options for all experience levels.


With its strong winds and wide beaches, Spain is the perfect place to practice windsurfing. The Canary Islands, such as Pozo Izquierdo and El Médano, are very popular destinations for windsurfing lovers. You can also find windsurfing schools on the Costa Brava and in Tarifa, where the winds are ideal for this sport.

Paddle Surf:

This discipline, also known as stand-up paddle (SUP), has experienced a boom in recent years. It involves rowing standing up on a board with the help of an oar. The calm waters of the reservoirs and beaches of the Costa Brava and Costa del Sol are ideal places for paddle surfing.


Kayaking is another popular option for exploring the coast and rivers. In Nerja you can enjoy some impressive kayak routes through the beaches of Nerja and Maro, the cliffs of Maro and the beaches of La Herradura. You have many options for booking kayaks. From half-day or full-day excursions to multi-day expeditions, there are multiple options available.


Similar to windsurfing, kitesurfing is practiced using a kite and a board. Tarifa is known as the kitesurfing mecca in Spain due to its ideal wind conditions and wide beaches. There are also schools and rentals available in other coastal destinations. If you are looking to practice kite surfing, we recommend booking an excursion to Tarifa to practice kitesurfing.

Sport fishing:

With a rich fishing tradition, Spain offers several opportunities for sport fishing in the sea and in freshwater rivers and lakes. From deep-sea fishing to trout fishing in rivers and reservoirs on the peninsula, there are options for anglers of all levels.

Aquatic experiences in Nerja

Now, let’s move on to the activities, tours and experiences that can be booked in Nerja or near Nerja. All these activities are carried out in the Mediterranean Sea, beaches of Nerja, Playa de Maro, La Herradura, Almuñecar or Torre del Mar,

Boat Excursions in Nerja:

From boat trips along the coast to fishing trips or whale and dolphin watching tours, there is a wide range of options available for those who want to enjoy the experience of being at sea.

Dolphin watching in Nerja:

In several coastal destinations in Spain, such as Tarifa, Tenerife and the Strait of Gibraltar, it is possible to take boat tours to spot cetaceans, such as whales and dolphins. These excursions allow you to get closer to these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Snorkeling in Nerja:

For those who wish to explore marine life without going too deep, snorkeling is an excellent option. In destinations such as the Medes Islands on the Costa Brava, the Cabrera Natural Park in the Balearic Islands and the different marine reserves of the Canary Islands, it is possible to enjoy clear waters and colorful coral reefs.

Kayak Tours:

In addition to the option of renting kayaks to explore on your own, you can also book guided kayak tours. These excursions allow you to discover beautiful coves, caves and cliffs inaccessible from land.

Jet ski rental:

In Nerja, Almuñecar and La Herradura we can rent jet skis at good prices. We recommend you reserve your jet ski before arriving. You can also choose free cancellation.

Sunset paddle surfing:

Some companies offer sunset paddle surfing experiences, where participants can enjoy a magical tour of the sea as the sun sets on the horizon. These experiences usually include a brief introduction to paddle surfing for beginners.

Try diving:

For those who want to try diving without having previous experience, diving trips can be booked in destinations such as the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands. These experiences are supervised by professional instructors and allow you to explore the waters and marine life beneath the surface.

Sailboat rentals:

For those who prefer to explore the coast at their own pace, sailboat and catamaran rentals can be booked in different destinations in Spain. Rentals may include a skipper or may be skipper-less, depending on the applicant’s experience and skills.

These are just some of the many options available for those wishing to explore and enjoy water sports in Nerja or the Costa del Sol area. Options vary depending on location and time of year so it is recommended to check the availability and feasibility of each experience before booking.

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