🗣 Impossible to walk on the beach. Stones and pebbles. Where are the sandy beaches?

Sometimes we arrive at the beach without knowing that we have arrived at the worst beach. This is what happened to a tourist who traveled from Granada to Nerja to enjoy a Sunday at the beach. And without knowing it, he went to Nerja beach, which was destroyed by the storm.

Your comments about him after this were very bad. Speaking very badly of the beaches of Nerja. Perhaps this tourist had visited the Playazo when it was destroyed by the storm. Maybe he had visited the paper mill beach when the tide is high and there are only pebbles.

In Nerja it is possible to find sandy beaches. But watch out. You can find sandy beaches. But you will not find beaches of fine sand like the ones in Cadiz. The beaches of Conil, Cadiz, Tarifa and that area are different. The wind in the area accumulates a dense fine sand. For this reason, the typical beaches of Cádiz are similar to the sand of the desert. And for this reason, in some areas of Cadiz, dunes are formed on the beaches.

In Nerja and Torrox you can find sandy beaches. For example. Burriana beach, Carabeo, Carabeillo, Calahonda and Torrecilla. These beaches are usually sandy beaches. But it is always normal to find stones. To see what other people in the group are commenting on. You can access the nerjalovers group and see the answers here.

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