As we have commented on several occasions. Generally Nerja is a very safe city. But like any city or any place in the world. There are always bad people who take advantage of the large crowds and approach tourists to steal their wallets.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you watch your back and know where you need to be extra careful.

Returning to your hotel or apartment in the middle of the night on foot or by taxi will usually not cause any problems. Nerja is very safe, the residents of Nerja are friendly and always willing to help you.

We invite you to stroll through Nerja at any time of the day or night without the risk of unpleasant encounters.

But important: Although Nerja is a very safe town. You should always keep a very close eye on your wallet, phone, camera, and any other valuables. Candy should not be put in the child’s mouth. There may be petty thieves waiting for clueless tourists.

Don’t panic, in Nerja no one will rob you in an attempt to take your belongings. If this happens it is very strange. The police always watch the streets and there are not many thieves on the streets. Sometimes we have heard that wallets, mobile phones or bags have been subtly stolen.


We hear stories in the facebook group about people losing their phones, documents, wallets and bags at some point. Also people who have opened his car and stolen his suitcases.


You should be careful and have your belongings secured, in closed pockets and preferably in the front pockets. (never in the back pocket).

I was robbed on a terrace

You are enjoying the weather and the sun in the center of Nerja, having a coffee in one of the numerous terraces, having a beer with friends, when suddenly a lost tourist approaches you who tries to ask you for help to get to a hotel in Nerja or for anything else, sometimes they talk to you while others take your wallet. Other times he puts a map on your table and asks for directions. Be careful, they are robbing you! Pick up the map and pick up your phone. The thief has just covered your phone or wallet or a ticket with his map, he is distracting you and trying to rob you. The pickpocket is taking your belongings off the table. If this happens to you. Pick up the map quickly and grab your belongings. And now he helps the tourist. We never know the intentions of these people.

Don’t leave your phone or any other valuable belongings on the table in a bar or cafe. Don’t put jackets, sweatshirts or bags on an empty chair next to you. Never try to fight with the thief. They know all the laws and know how to get out of the situation. Call the waiter or the police. If your mobile has been stolen. Try to locate it with the gps before they turn off the phone.

I have been robbed Walking

You are walking through the streets of Nerja, taking a walk through the Balcon de Europa, the streets of the center or the beach of Nerja, enjoying the views and the good weather. At this moment 2 ladies approach you and ask you to support a cause by leaving your signature on a petition. They try to sell you something. Or they ask you for money. Watch out! In these situations you have to be careful. It may be another cause of theft. Just keep moving, don’t stop or start a conversation without having your belongings safely stowed away. (always in the front pocket of the pants).

Other types of theft: At shows, concerts or places with many people. You are surrounded by several people acting like strangers, but two of them are blocking your side view and the third one is taking your belongings from your backpack, bag or back pocket. Some of them have a jacket slung over their arm to hide the item they’re stealing. In these cases it is always better to notify each other. If you go with your partner or partner. It is good that you are all on alert.

Rosemary scam: do not accept rosemary leaves from any gypsy. And if I accept it you. You must have your eyes on all your belongings. She or her close friend may be a pickpocket.

I have been robbed on the beach

If you are at the beach. Never leave valuables in the backpack. When you are bathing at the beach. Thieves know that your mobile, your money or your wallet is in your backpack, under your towel or in your belongings. If they catch it and you are bathing in the water. It will doubtless give you time to catch the thief. He will take advantage of you.

TIPS: One person should always stay to take care of the belongings. Never take valuables to the beach. If you have things of value, leave them in a left-luggage office in Nerja. And as a last option, if you come on vacation you can look at the theft insurance for tourists.


  • Bus station, where people are very close to each other
  • Balcon de Europa or large squares
  • Line to buy ice cream or at a kiosk
  • Busy beaches
  • Tuttifrutti square or nightlife area


If you’ve been robbed and you know who robbed you, don’t seek revenge or try to pressure the person into returning your belongings. This can be dangerous. Look for a policeman or call the police. We recommend that you always have the Nerja police telephone number handy. So you can call at any time.

Look for the police, they are usually close in the central areas of Nerja. You will most likely not get your belongings back, so be careful. Because the worst of all is not recovering your belongings and being attacked by these criminals.


  • Don’t leave your bag on an empty chair next to you at a bar. A running pickpocket can take everything and you won’t realize it.
  • Do not leave your mobile phone, bills, wallet, camera on the table of a bar or terrace.
  • Do not put nothing in his back pockets. (always put everything in the front pockets of your pants and put your hand in your pocket when talking to strangers)

Nerja Police Telephone:

952 52 15 45

What to do so you don’t get robbed.

  • Check your bag, suitcase and backpack often. If you check frequently you will make sure that it is closed and nobody has reached inside. If you can, try to wear it to the front, rather than to the side or back. And always keep your hand on the zipper of the bag. Important: for trips we recommend a zipper bag or a bag with a difficult opening. Never an open bag. or with easy open.
  • Do not carry your passport in your wallet. If you are a little distracted or go to the beach. It is best to put the original passport in the hotel or apartment. You can make a copy of the passport with your phone to take with you also send your relatives a copy in case we lose the mobile phone.
  • Be alert when you are in crowded places, you have to have 4 eyes when there are many people next to you. We do not know the intentions of people. You must be vigilant in shops, cross streets, shopping streets, crowded bar areas, leisure areas, beaches and large squares.

Enjoy Nerja.

This is the most important thing. Enjoy Nerja and remember that the people of Nerja are very friendly, always willing to help and always with a smile on their face. Thieves, pickpockets, swindlers, highwaymen, drunkards and criminals can be anywhere in the world.

I hope that these recommendations will help you enjoy your vacation with greater safety.


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