👉 Is Nerja a SAFE city? – Everything you have to know. 🗣

We know that there are dangerous cities in the world and places where you have to be accompanied. For example, in some cities around the world we know that things like this can easily happen:

  • Tourist bag snatching, pickpocketing, or money theft.
  • Scams involving credit cards, counterfeit money, or selling stolen items.
  • Thefts in homes, robberies on the beaches, robberies in the rental car.

Nerja is generally a VERY SAFE city. but…

  • You can walk the streets alone. The people are very friendly and no one will attack you.
  • Nerja is a safe city to go out with your family, to go out with small children and to visit in general with the whole family.

Sometimes we have seen that some people have reported robberies or fights in some areas of Nerja. But this happens even in the best families. Normally the people of Nerja are friendly and willing to help you at any time.

Nerja is a safe city, even in summer when the population triples. Nerja continues to be a safe city. In summer there is more police surveillance.

Although Nerja is a safe city. We always like to recommend some tips to help the elderly, children and the most vulnerable people.

How to avoid the theft of wallets, mobile phones or bags?

To prevent a pickpocket from taking advantage of you, and from stealing your wallet or belongings. We suggest these safety tips:

  • Keep an eye on your belongings at all times.
  • Do not carry all your money or valuables in the same place.
  • Avoid being still for a long time in crowds.
  • Try not to bump into or get too close to anyone.
  • Do not carry your wallet in outside pockets.
  • In risk areas, keep a close eye on your bag or backpack. If possible, keep them in your hand and tightly closed.
  • If you see strange people. You are talking to someone. Always touch your pocket or grab your backpack where you can see that it stays closed.


  • Close the doors of the apartment before leaving.
  • Do not lose sight of documents, wallets or backpacks on the beaches.
  • Park the car in guarded places.

👮‍♀️ Theft insurance

Another highly recommended option is to take out theft insurance. (You can take out travel insurance that includes a clause for typical thefts, watches, mobile phones, wallets, etc., loss of luggage or theft of objects from the car). If you have insurance at home, check the conditions. Many home insurances include some clauses and cover robberies on the street.

Emergency Phone numbers:

  • Nerja Local Police: 952 52 15 45
  • Nerja Civil Guard: 952 52 00 91
  • Emergency Medical Center: 951 28 96 62

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