🚂 Cueva Tren [Cave Train] – The Nerja tourist train – Discounts and tickets 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

The cave train is the Nerja Tourist Train that will take you from Nerja to the Caves of Nerja. You can enjoy a train ride through the main streets of Nerja and finish the tour in the Cueva de Nerja.

Nerja has a magnificent tourist train. You can book online or buy the ticket on the train. This is the train that makes the route to the caves of Nerja. If you visit Nerja we recommend you enjoy the Nerja train to caves, a journey from Nerja to the Nerja Caves.

Nerja sightseeing train

Important, this is a tourist train, train from Nerja to the Cave. This tourist train is managed by a well-known online tour company. City Sightseeing Tours Spain. They have tourist buses in all the cities. Sightseeing city buses or city tours are in the most touristic cities in the world.

If you want a route through Nerja, a small tour of the main avenue of Nerja on the nerja sightseeing train. We recommend you book online, buy the tickets at the Cueva de Nerja ticket office or consult directly with the train driver or the Sightseeing in Nerja tour guide.

How to get to the Nerja Cave

To get to the Nerja cave you can go by train from Nerja. (Train cave). By bus from Nerja. You can take the Nerja Caves Bus line or you can also take a taxi at the Nerja taxi rank.

You can also go by car easily. Or take a walking route. The Nerja Cave is just 4 km from Nerja. 30 minutes walking if you have good training :-)

Train Stop

The cave train can be taken at Plaza España, Plaza Cavana, Plaza Los Cangregos and Plaza Verano Azul.

💲 Prices Nerja Train

Cave train tickets

You can buy tickets on the same train or on the official website of the Nerja cave, also at the window in the Nerja cave.


Discount tickets, discount coupon for Nerja Caves is available. There are combined cave entrances. That includes cave train tickets, entrance to the cave and entrance to the Nerja museum. You can review the purchase conditions on the Cueva de Nerja website. (Nerja Cave Tickets) or in Nerja Tickets

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