✈ Bus from Málaga Airport (AGP) to Nerja 🚌

The Malaga bus network works very well. (but you have to adapt to the schedules). If you can not adapt to the schedules. We recommend you book a private transfer service or a shared transfer.

Today we explain how to get to Nerja by bus from the airport.

It is very easy to get to Nerja from Malaga airport. On the Costa del Sol there is a very good transport network from Malaga to Nerja or any other part of Andalucia. From Malaga airport you can get to Nerja by bus, shuttle bus (with prior reservation), shuttle bus, taxi, private transfer or car.

Here we explain in detail how to get by bus from Malaga Airport to Nerja. How to book online and how to take the bus from Malaga airport or Malaga city centre.

To get by bus from the airport to Nerja there are two options that we detail below.

Book direct shutle bus from Malaga Airport to Nerja (OPTION 1)

To book the bus we access the website www.alsa.com. We mark Point of departure: “Malaga Airport” and Destination: “Nerja”, then we put the day and number of people and press “SEARCH”. and the available services will appear. Normally there is a direct service every day.

Shuttle bus timetable from Malaga airport to Nerja

The direct bus from the airport to Nerja takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. The bus only has one stop in Torre del Mar. Normally the bus runs at around 14.30h. But we recommend to book in advance on the official website.

The direct bus is only available 1 time each day.

The shuttle bus is perfect for travellers arriving at the airport in the morning. You can wait at the airport until the bus departs. The bus will take you directly to the bus station in Nerja. (some sundays it is not available).

Itinerary bus from Malaga Airport to Nerja

Bus from Málaga to Nerja 🚝 + 🚌 (OPTION 2)

If we cannot find a direct bus from the airport. We can choose this second option. In this case we take a bus or metro from the airport to the center of Malaga. And when we are in the center of Malaga we take a bus to Nerja. This option is available all day. And there are buses every hour until 11:00 p.m. at night.

1.- Airport to Malaga: Book a bus from Malaga Airport to Malaga city centre. Or take the fast train from the airport to Maria Zambrano station in the centre of Malaga.

2.- Malaga to Nerja: When we are at the bus station in Malaga or Malaga centre, we buy a bus ticket to Nerja. (There are buses from Malaga to Nerja every hour).

Bus tickets can be bought at the ticket window at the station or on the alsa.com website. If you buy the tickets online you can get discounts and it is cheaper.

Tips, additional information, advice and frequently asked questions:

All these questions have been solved in the group, but if you have more doubts. you can write below in the comments and we will help you.

The bus is the cheapest way to travel to Nerja from Malaga airport. (but there are also other ways to get to Nerja).

🚌 Book bus: To book the bus from Malaga to Nerja you must use Alsa transport. The bus will take you from Malaga to Nerja bus station. —> See timetable at alsa.com

👩‍✈️ If you are looking for a direct transfer from the airport to your accommodation, including luggage transfer, speed and professionalism. We recommend you to book a transfer: —> See here the best airport transfer options.

🚗 If you want to travel independently, we recommend booking a rental car. You can book a car at the airport or at a local company in Nerja (recommended). —> See here for cheap car hire in Nerja.

All information provided is for information purposes only. Prices are subject to change at any time. We recommend consulting the official website before booking flights or any other transport.

If you have any doubts. You can write below in the comments and we will help you.

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