✨ The Carnival of Nerja 2024: ¿What, when and where? (Oficial Program)

ONE OF THE MOST SPECTACULAR events to attend this year, this is the Fascinating Carnival of Nerja 2024. This Carnival is one of the most popular on the Costa del Sol.

The Nerja Carnival takes place from February 8 to 11, 2024. The party will officially begin on Thursday, February 8 and concludes on Sunday, February 11, 2024 with the traditional “Death of Chanquete”. (We remember that the Chanquete is a typical fish of the area).

History of the Carnival of Nerja

The history of the Nerja Carnival goes back many years. Nerja has been year after year one of the most popular carnivals in the Malaga region. The Nerja Carnival parade is one of the most impressive in the province of Malaga. Hundreds of costumes, light and color in the streets of Nerja. Performances and music.

The Nerja Carnival has organized different events to further popularize this festivity.

Over the years, the Nerja Carnival has become a much more elaborate affair. It has been promoted at major events such as FITUR or International Tourism fairs. A rigorous planning has been developed by the City Council, associations and local businessmen.

Traditionally, the Nerja carnival is one of the most important festivities in the town. This festivity is highly anticipated and admired in the social calendar of the city of Nerja. There are many tourists and expatriate neighbors who travel from different countries of the world to be present at the Nerja Carnival every year.

Nerja Carnival 2024 and grand Carnival parade, Costa del Sol, Spain

The Nerja Carnival illuminates the streets of the city, gladdens the hearts of thousands of participants and neighbors who enjoy watching the parade. The center of Nerja shines with its own light.

The organizers of the Nerja carnival always promise a spectacular event, a full carnival of color, dance and celebrations in the streets.

The awards attract a lot of entrants from other cities. You can see the prizes in the official Carnival 2023 program.


The street parades of Nerja and some associations that participate in the Carnival parade are inspired by the traditional festivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Rio de Janeiro.

Nerja is a town. We will never get to be that big. But we do aspire to be one of the most beautiful Carnivals in Malaga 🙂

The Nerja Carnival awards and public recognition. There is a lot of money and prestige at stake. For most carnival visitors this is one of the main attractions to improve each year. In the street event we will also see dancers, dance schools and musicians.

Activities Carnival of Nerja

Within the carnival we find many small events and activities to attend or participate. Also many prizes at stake. We find the Parades of the Carnival Queen, music and street performances, costume contests, Chirigotas contest and musical associations, Awards for the best costumes, prizes for the most original costumes, tapa route, Costumes and parade of mascots.

When is the Nerja Carnival?

The Great Carnival Parade takes place from Saturday, February 18. (in the afternoon), starting in the streets of the center of Nerja and going through the main streets of Nerja.

Nerja Carnival 2024 and great Carnival parade on the Costa del Sol.

On Sunday, February 10, the last Carnival parade will take place. The burial of Chanquete ends the Nerja Carnival 2024. In this peculiar parade we will see many costumes and people crying over the death of this typical Nerja fish.

Within the framework of the Carnival of Nerja we also find the organization of the Route of the Carnival cover. Organized by some local businessmen. Where many people dress up as a previously selected theme for each year. And they visit the local bars tasting the best tapas.

For more information on the Nerja Carnival, click here to visit the official website. – NERJA CARNIVAL

Photos Nerja Carnival

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