The White Party in Nerja. The summer beach festival in August 2023.

The White Party in Nerja. The summer festival in August on the beach of Nerja.

The White Party of Nerja is one of the most emblematic festivals of the town. It is a summer festival in Nerja where all attendees are dressed in white. The Fiesta Blanca festival is celebrated between the second and third week of August.

White party poster 2023

When is the White Party in Nerja?

The White Party of Nerja 2023 will be held at El Salon Beach on Monday, August 14. Admission is free. Remember to dress in white and enjoy the White Party.

You can see all the information on the event website here: Nerja Lovers Events

In 2022 the White Party festival was celebrated on August 21. On the beach El Salon. Therefore, it is expected that in later years it will be held again approximately in the same week. (Mid-August 2023, 2024 and 2025)

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy an event on the beach in Nerja.

A night of fun, in a unique enclave and with good music. The only requirement is to wear white.

You can see more information about the event here:

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