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Torrox is very close to Nerja and there is a daily bus service from Nerja. We must differentiate between Torrox town and Torrox Costa. (When we talk about Torrox, we are talking about Torrox, the town between the mountains. But if we talk about Torrox Costa, we are talking about the area of ​​Torrox closest to the beach. Also called “Bunny”.

Where do you take the bus to go to Torrox?

The bus from Nerja to Torrox is taken at the Nerja bus station. The Nerja bus station is next to the national highway. You can see here more information about the Nerja bus station

Where is the Nerja bus station?

Address: C. Antonio Jiménez, 1-5, 29780 Nerja, Malaga. Next to the national highway. At the main entrance of Nerja.

You can see here the location on the map. Click to enlarge.

How to get to the Nerja bus station?

It is very easy to get there. You can click on the map and google maps will tell you how to get there from your location.

Can I go to Torrox from my hotel?

Yes, but the bus from Nerja to Torrox does not stop at the door of your hotel. (it only stops at the door of the Marinas de Nerja hotel). If you are in another hotel. First you will have to walk to the Nerja bus station, you can see its location here: https://goo.gl/maps/zfbexX8WBUs956tQ7

You can also go by taxi or take the blue bus that runs through the main streets of Nerja and ask to be taken to the Nerja bus station.

Where to buy bus tickets for Torrox?

You can buy tickets at the main office or the kiosk at the Nerja bus station. or through the alsa.es website

How long does the bus take from Nerja to Torrox?

The bus will take only 15/20 minutes from Nerja to Torrox. It all depends on the traffic.

How much does the bus from Nerja to Torrox Costa cost? Price.

The price is €1.24 when booking online. You can buy your ticket online

Return bus – Torrox Costa to Nerja

You can pick it up at the same place. You can see the schedules on the alsa website to ensure last minute schedules.

Areas of Torrox where we can get there by bus

The two most differentiated areas are Torrox (inside). It is Torrox town. The one in the mountains. (the old part of Torrox and the Old Town), and Torrox Costa, which is the area of ​​Torrox next to the beaches.

In Torrox we also find some well-known areas or urbanizations. Many of these areas can also be reached by bus. La Rabitilla, La Trocha, Torrox Park. Rio Güi, Santa Rosa, San Daniel, El Morche, Los Llanos, La Carraca, Laguna Beach, Generation of 27, Costa del Oro, Castillo Bajo Conejito (El Faro), El Peñoncillo or Torrox-Park.

What is the best way to go to Torrox from Nerja?

The best way is by car or motorcycle, but if we do not have our own car, rent a car or rent a motorcycle. We recommend you go by Bus or Taxi. To go by taxi you do not need to plan your trip. Since you only need to tell the taxi driver the place where you want to go. And the taxi driver will take you. If we go by bus. you need to know at which bus stop you are going to get off in Torrox.

Bus route Nerja to Torrox Costa

The bus leaves from Nerja and makes a stop in the middle of the journey, here: KM. 46. MARQUESINA. AVENIDA AV. EL FARO, s/n. For this, if you want to go to the beach bars and restaurants between Nerja and Torrox Costa. You can take this bus and stop here.

⭐ Nerja to Torrox Park bus stop

This stop is at the beginning of the road to Torrox Park and Camping de Torrox, we can stop here and walk to Torrox Park. We can also stop here if we are going to visit some of the restaurants in the area. Mogador beach club el barco, Varadero Beach, Jose jimenez 34, Picnic Pepe Oro, Bossa Playa, Almanzor Restaurant, El choto, etc. For the return, if we don’t want to wait for the bus, we recommend you ask for a taxi. Easy and cheap.

From what time do the buses run from Nerja to Torrox?

Buses are running from 6.15am. The first bus leaves early from Nerja.

How often do buses leave for Torrox from Nerja?

Approximately every hour. Sometimes every half hour. and in others every 2 hours. But normally there are buses available every hour.

What is the last bus from Nerja to Torrox?

The last Alsa bus at the time of writing this post is at 8:45 p.m.

How many buses are there from Nerja to Torrox?

There are at least 15 to 18 buses running during the day.

Are there return buses from Torrox Costa to Nerja?

You can catch it every hour too. The bus from Nerja to Torrox and from Torrox to Nerja is the same line from Nerja to Malaga and from Malaga to Nerja. You can see the schedules on the alsa website.

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