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If you need to make a quick trip or you arrive at the airport and need to get to Nerja, it is best to book a private transfer from the airport to Nerja, you can also see the prices of taxi transfers from Nerja here, if you are looking for another economic option you can also book a bus from Malaga airport to Nerja. But if these options are not viable. You can find a shared car or share a transfer.

Here we detail some pages to share a car, share routes or hire cheaper shared transfer services.


This rideshare website is the most famous and the one with the most active users. You can enter, mark your trip. The idea of ​​this website is to put travelers in contact to pay for the gasoline of the vehicle among all the occupants.

It is very easy to reserve a seat: You enter the web and mark your preferences and type of vehicle. For example: From Malaga Airport to Nerja or from Nerja to Granada and you will see the vehicles that make the same route and the available seats. You can see the opinions of the drivers and buy your place. Tips to keep in mind:

  • On weekends there are many more trips because people travel and put their trips on blablacar.
  • At night there are usually fewer options available.


Spanish company dedicated to sharing vehicles. It has more than half a million active users. In Amovens you can share a car, find a seat in a shared car or you can also rent vehicles between individuals. If you are looking to share a car from Malaga to Nerja, you can try this website.

Contact other passengers or travelers who plan to make the same trip as you. Find drivers who can take you from Nerja to Malaga, from Nerja to Granada or from the main cities to Nerja.With this platform you can save 100% on your trips. This website will allow you to establish contact between passengers and drivers without charging you any type of commission.


This option is very interesting, in addition to having the option to share a car, you can rent your car or rent a cheap car. In this application you will find numerous caravans and motorhomes. You can also give your car to the company and earn money. They keep it for you, guard it and manage it for you. You only have to worry about getting paid every first day of the week.


With this application you can rent vehicles from individuals in exchange for a daily rate. The price will vary depending on the number of kilometers you want to do. For example, if you are going to make a long trip you can pay 1,000 kilometers, if you are going to make a short trip you can set the limit at 300 km. It all depends on your needs. It is a very interesting option to rent a cheap car in Malaga.

Waze Carpool

This application comes from the famous ‘Waze’. Its main objective is to fill all the seats that remain empty when making a trip to help improve the environment. You can download the waze carpool app and try it out.

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If someone is interested in sharing a transfer with you. We can send you a message.

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