🥩 Most popular Steakhouse restaurant in Nerja, Spain.

In Nerja there are very good restaurants to eat meat. Here you can find some articles from people who have asked the Nerja Lovers group for the same question and have received many recommendations to eat meat in Nerja.

👉 The best meat restaurant in Nerja?

This is a difficult decision. In Nerja there are very good meat restaurants. Here we attach some messages published in the group.

Recommendations to eat meat in Nerja.

These are recommendations published in various publications. You can see the publications here and maybe it will help you make your decision.

Both Reataurante Pata Negra 57, Calle Christo and Restaurante Pata Negra, Plaza Marina. Superb. Posada Iberica, Restaurante La Hermita

Nerjadenerja Bruxelles is the best…. never had a bad one in 15 years x

Steakhouse at Burriana. Is the best highly recommended

Meson Antonio, calle diputacion, the best entrocot in nerja

Mason de Antonia

Love the steaks. Choice of cooking your own on a hot stone or having it cooked for you. Highly recommend 😊 – Cibeles Restaurant

La Pata Negra, or La Bottega (plaza de los cangrejos)

My family were all raving about the fillet steak in Scarletta’s (There the week leading up to Easter) Those of us who didn’t have were very jealous (although our food was also good!)

Restaurant 34@ Hotel Carabeo.

Steak house burriana next to fuago bar

La Bottega Nerja excellent steak and Steak House Burriana

The Bistro in Calle Malaga foods superb, trust me I know.

I eat quite a lot of steak. La Bottega is great. Scarletta’s also. Steakhouse on Burriana-tasty steaks and lovely people. La Posada Ibérica have tasty Argentinian cooked on a bbq. Bruxelles is good too, as is oliva and pata negra. Único too.

Pinocchios can be good

Steakhouse Burriana…. The most amazing food, great atmosphere & owners are so lovely and welcoming. My favourite place to eat.

El Refugio. Melon Antonio

Restaurante El lagar Plaza Balcón de europa

Meson Antonio on Calle Deputacion….family run Spanish restaurant.. quite traditional/authentic inside.. not cheap but reflects the quality of their meat 🥩👍

La botterga just had one so good

La posada iberica

Always posada iberica, never disappoints

Sandra press the search icon at the top of the page , type in ‘ steak’ and the 100s of recommendations already posted will help you 🥩🥩

Pata Negra on Plaza Marina without a shadow of doubt or hesitation!!! Consistent every time 😋

La Posada Iberica without a doubt. Try the Prawn Cocktail too!!

My husband said his steak at Scarlettas was gorgeous

paco el churretero sur burriana

Steak restaurant just off Burriana. Been on TV too 👍🏻
My favorite ❤️eremita

Restaurante Paco El Churretero very good also excellent for steaks is The Steakhouse at Burriana

El churretero buriana lo mejor para la carne en Nerja

La Brasseria, lovely restaurant

Paco el churretera, Burriana by far.

The steakhouse at Burriana

Meson de Antonio

Best steak: Restaurante Paco El Churretero at Burriana Playa. Adres: Cam. de Burriana, 9 (boulevard).

Had a nice steak at brasserie iberica next to Los arcos.

Mason de Antonia, La posada Iberica, Cibeles..La Bottega 👌

The Steak House at Burriana …..excellent

I’ve only ever heard excellent reviews of the Steakhouse at Burriana.

Cibelias anna and her husband are lovley never disappointed with the steak or anything you get

Eremita is very good

Nerjadenerja Bruxelles

Scarlettas, Meson Antonio, Seteak House at Burriana.

La Bottega. Steakhouse at burriana. Scarletta’s. La Posada Ibérica. Oliva. Pata negra, único, Cibeles

El churretero buriana lo mejor para la carne en Nerja.

La Brasseria, lovely restaurant.

Paco el churretera, Burriana by far.

Thank you to everyone who recommended Cibeles Nerja today! We were not disappointed the food was truly amazing! We had Gambas Pil Pil followed by Fillet Steak with pepper sauce and chips. I have not tasted steak 🥩 that nice for a very long time. We were then treated to two free honey 🍯 rum shots! We would highly recommended this place. It’s about a 10min walk from the Balcon

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