🦐 The best tapas in Nerja. Typical and popular foods of Málaga 🦑

Popular Spanish tapas

Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas)

The potato omelette, potato omelette or Spanish omelette is an omelet or omelette to which chopped potatoes are added. The potato omelette is one of the best known and most emblematic dishes of Spanish cuisine. In Andalusia and Malaga it is one of the most served tapas in tapas bars. The potato omelette can be found in almost any bar or restaurant in Spain. There are many types of tortillas. With onion, without onion, undercooked or with a high cooking point.

Gambas al pilpil

Gambas al PilPil is another typical Andalusian dish. This dish is very similar to garlic prawns. Pil pil shrimp tapas are typical of southern Spain. In Nerja you can find pilpil tapas in many bars. Normally we will find the pil pil prawns in small clay pots. You can find very spicy pilpil prawns, a little spicy, with prawns, king prawns or small prawns, with a lot of garlic, with olive oil or even with tomato. We recommend that you try the Nerjeño style pil pil prawns 🙂

Espetos de Sardina

Sardines are a very common type of fish in the south of Andalusia. It is called ESPETO when a fish is skewered on a rod. Normally a Sardine Espeto is 6/8 sardines stuck in a cane and placed near the fire to cook. Malaga is known worldwide for its sardine skewers. In any town on the coast of Malaga, from Cadiz to Granada, we can find beach bars that prepare us some good sardine skewers.

Gambas a la plancha

The Mediterranean prawns or the famous Huelva prawns are delicious. These prawns or prawns are usually grilled on a griddle and finally put a little salt on top. There are many restaurants in Nerja where we can taste this delicious delicacy. Grilled prawns can be tasted in Nerja’s seafood restaurants, beach restaurants and some tapas bars in Nerja.

Boquerones en vinagre

The famous anchovies are one of the most popular dishes in Malaga. We can find anchovies of various types (lemon anchovies, Vitorian anchovies, anchovies in vinegar, etc). The anchovies in vinegar are one of the most popular tapas in Nerja and the province of Malaga. They are anchovies bathed in vinegar. For an anchovy in vinegar to be ready to eat, the meat of the anchovy must be white and smooth. (in the image above we can see Tapa de Boquerones with vinegar, anchovies and olives)

Mejillones al vapor

Mussel tapas are another type of typical Nerja tapas. Mussels can be steamed on the griddle. They are covered with a saucepan lid and made with the heat of the fire. To eat some good steamed mussels you can go to any of the seafood restaurants in Nerja. The fish and shellfish in our bars and restaurants is top quality. We recommend you enjoy a plate of mussels if you visit the Andalusian coast. Steamed mussels are made in no time, with simple ingredients and the result is spectacular. You have to try the Nerja steamed mussels, I think you will like them!


Other typical Malaga tapas:

Chicken skewer

Iberian ham

Manchego cheese

Russian Salad

Malaguena Pipirrana

Malagueña Salad


Thin shells

Chicken Curry


Stuffed piquillo peppers


Otras tapas tipicas de Malaga:

Pinchito de pollo

Jamon iberico

Queso Manchego

Ensaladilla Rusa

Pipirrana Malagueña

Ensalada Malagueña


Conchas finas

Pollo al Curry


Pimientos del piquillo rellenos

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