✈ How to get to the Burriana Beach | Alternatives to Calle Bajamar.


Access to Burriana beach is cut off by Calle Bajamar (it will be cut off until June). On weekends it is occasionally open to smooth arrival at the beach.

Burriana Beach:

If you want to go to Burriana beach on foot, you can use this other alternative itinerary.

Option 1: Stepping on the sand on the beach.

Cross walking the path across the beach from Carabeillo beach. (We walk down from the Bendito viewpoint to Carabeillo beach and walk to Burriana beach). See attached map.

Example video of the stairs we have to go down. here:

Option 2: Without stepping on the sand of the beach, but going down and up a very steep street.

Walking down the big steep road. You can walk from the National highway. See Map here:

Option 3: Car, Scooter or Taxi 🙂

Burriana beach is a large beach located to the east of Nerja. You can get there walking from the center of Nerja, also by car or taxi. If you are going to visit the beach with children or elderly people, we recommend going by car. (or take a taxi at the Nerja taxi stop or call a taxi).

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