🐬 See the DOLPHINS in Nerja ⚓ Where can you see the dolphins?

Can you imagine going on a boat and sailing surrounded by dolphins? In Nerja, you can take a boat trip or rent a boat to see the dolphins. Dolphin sightings in this area of ​​the Costa del Sol are very frequent.

Whether you sail from the Marina del Este to Nerja, passing through the Cerro Gordo Cliffs. as if you were sailing from Nerja in the direction of Almuñécar or Salobreña.

Rent a boat to see the dolphins

Enjoy a boat ride with the dolphins in the natural area of ​​Maro – Cerro Gordo.

Dolphin sightings are not guaranteed. But on many occasions, tourists who enjoy a boat trip along the beaches of Nerja are lucky enough to come across dolphins.

Excursion to see the dolphins

On these excursions we are given the opportunity to navigate alongside the dolphins, and record videos of this magnificent spectacle of nature.

Swimming with dolphins is something very unusual but sometimes many people have uploaded videos to the network in which they have seen dolphins in Nerja.

Are there dolphins in Nerja?

Yes, there are many videos and photos on the net, you can see the videos in the group – here

In most cases the dolphins play by jumping next to the boats. They begin to jump and surround the boats in the area between Nerja and Maro.

They are used to swimming among the tourists, boats, kayaks and paddle surfers that sail through the area.

If you visit Nerja, take a kayak tour, book a boat, paddle surf or dive in the natural setting, you may be lucky enough to see the dolphins playing.


Where can you see the dolphins?

We cannot guarantee that you will see the dolphins. This is not an amusement park or a zoo. They are dolphins that sometimes swim next to the boats in Nerja. If you want to see the dolphins you can go to the Selwo Marina park. In this park you can see the dolphins in action. It is a dolphinarium 90 minutes from Nerja.

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