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Enjoy one of the most beautiful festivals in the Axarquia. The 3 Cultures Festival of Frigiliana. We recommend you to visit Frigiliana one day. This festival lasts 4 days. There are concerts and live music, good food, street shows. If you have the opportunity. We recommend you visit Frigiliana 💖. you will fall in love


💾 Download the program so you don’t miss out on the Frigiliana 3 Cultures Festival

Frigiliana has always known how to play an important role in organizing major events and attracting the best artists of the moment.


The Frigiliana 3 Cultures Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Andalusia. The Three Cultures Festival is a mixture of party and culture. It is part of the history of Frigiliana. The festival was born in 2006 with the idea of ​​promoting Frigiliana with a tourist event to attract visitors from other towns in the area. The festival was a mixture of culture, gastronomy, music and theater. (concerts and street theaters). The town of Frigiliana becomes a period town, the whole town and the shops collaborate to make the festival a success.

The 3 Cultures of Frigiliana festival attracts thousands of people from all over Andalusia every year. A festival with activities of all kinds for 4 days. From Wednesday to Sunday. (normally the last weekend of August).


The Tapa Route of the Three Cultures Festival is one of the activities with the most participation. Hundreds of people try to finish one of the two tapas routes. There are two routes from the top. The idea is very simple. We are tasting tapas from bar to bar and they are sealing the map of the tapas route. When we manage to complete all the bars, they give us a commemorative t-shirt of the festival.

There are many people who take it seriously. And they go up to Frigiliana with the sole intention of completing the tapas route. The ideal is to complete it in several days. But the most daring people have managed to finish the route in a single day.

🚌 How to go to the 3 Cultures Festival.

As a recommendation, we always recommend going by Taxi or bus. You can take a taxi at the Nerja taxi station or take the bus from the Nerja station to Frigiliana.

Buses Festival 3 Cultures:

Here you can see the informative poster about the buses to the 3 cultures of Frigiliana.

Important: If you go by car. You have to park in one of the authorized car parks before arriving in Frigiliana. And from these car parks you can take a bus to Frigiliana.


The Frigiliana town hall enables several parking areas before reaching Frigiliana. If you go at night, it is not possible to drive to Frigiliana. The accesses will be cut off and it is only possible to park in the official car park and take the official bus to Frigiliana.

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