✈ How early should you get to the Malaga Airport ? ⏳

Don’t be nervous. Here we help you to plan your trip easily. The most important thing is to go early and book a direct bus to the airport or a direct transfer to the airport. This will allow us to easily reach the airport and avoid delays.

Don’t forget to pack your luggage

  • AIR TICKETS: Remember to prepare the plane tickets (check-in online in advance). You can take the tickets printed, in pdf or on your mobile phone.
  • DOCUMENTATION: Do not forget the documentation, passports and any type of form that requires you to deliver in the country of destination.
  • SUITCASE: Pack your suitcase with all your luggage. If you have to check luggage, remember that you will have to arrive earlier. If you don’t have to check in the suitcase. And you travel with hand luggage. Check that your luggage has the appropriate measurements and weight.
  • PREPARE YOUR CLOTHES: Have the clothes you are going to wear for your trip on hand.
  • BOOK TRANSPORT: If you are going to arrive by public transport, bus, transfer or taxi. Remember to book before. There are cheap transfers from €65 from Nerja to Malaga airport.

Get to the airport early

One of the most important doubts that arises when traveling is how far in advance I have to leave home, the hotel or the apartment to go to Malaga airport.

How many hours in advance do I have to be at the airport?

As you already know, there are several controls that you have to go through, such as security access or boarding control.

Ask the transfer, ask for recommendations.

The transfer driver or the transfer company is taking people to the airport every day. This is why he always knows more than us. We always recommend telling the transfer the time of the flight. And the transfer can recommend the best time to arrive at the airport.

Time in advance for domestic flights

In general, AENA recommends being with two or three hours in advance at the airport. But for domestic flights it is recommended that you show up at the airport 90 minutes before the departure of the flight.

Time in advance for international flights

Important: These data are indicative. And for normal airports where there are no queues. In Malaga there are long queues in some seasons of the year. (high season). For this reason, we recommend asking the nerja llovers group about the saturation of Malaga airport a few days before your trip. And other people who have traveled recently will be able to help you.

And as for international flights, as a general rule check-in opens 2 hours before departure and closes 60 minutes before scheduled departure. Remember that passengers Late check-in may be denied boarding.

If your trip includes visa, you must show up 3 hours before flight departure at the supplier’s counter to pick it up.

Do you have more doubts about the time to go to the airport?

You can ask in the Nerja Lovers group how is the saturation of people and the queues and waiting lists at Malaga airport

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