🚶‍♂️ How to get to the Nerja Market – Walking or by bus?

You can get there by car, bus, taxi or on foot. We recommend you take the urban bus or walk. Walking from the center of Nerja takes approximately 20 minutes.

Go to the market by bus

If you decide to go by bus. You can take the blue bus, (local bus). This bus arrives near the Sunday market.

You can take the local bus in the Hotel Mónica area on Avenida Mediterráneo, Calle San Miguel next to the hermitage (in front of the Nerja taxi rank), Avenida de Pescia in front of the “China Home” store. It is very easy to get there by bus.

Important: This information is merely informative. Nerja urban bus timetables and details of bus stops and services may vary. It is recommended to check the website of the service provider. (Nerja urban buses)

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