Is Burriana beach in the center of Nerja?

I am thinking of booking an apartment on burriana beach. To be close to everything and in the center of Nerja. Is Burriana beach a central beach? I want to be close to the bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

Burriana beach is a 15 minute walk from the center of Nerja. You can walk through the zigzag next to the Hotel Parador de Turismo de Nerja and get to Calle Rodriguez Acosta or Mirador del Bendito.

Burriana beach is an urban beach. On Burriana beach there are restaurants and services. But it is not in the center of Nerja. It is another area of Nerja. If you stay in Burriana Beach you will have to walk or take a taxi to the center. (you can also rent a cheap scooter in Nertja). But it is not central.

If you are looking for accommodation in the center and visit Burriana beach on some occasions. We recommend looking for accommodation in the center of Nerja. Think directly where you are going to spend most of your time.

The best option if you want to be in the center is to book directly in the center of Nerja. (There are very good hotels and apartments in the center of Nerja). Near the Balcon de Europa, Calle Diputacion, Calle Malaga, Calle Pintada, Calle Rodriguez Acosta, Calle Carabeo, Calle San Miguel, Calle Granada and Avenida de Pescia.

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