📉 Burriana beach. The area of Nerja where property prices do not increase

Burriana beach is a perfect place to enjoy the sun, beach and sardine skewers. But be careful, if you are looking to invest in Nerja and then sell Properties in Nerja.. Burriana beach is one of the areas of Nerja that has not increased in price. This means that if you are looking to invest in Nerja with the idea that your home can revalue and be able to sell later, Burriana has not experienced upward price trends.

According to data from the leading real estate portal in Spain. Housing in Nerja continues to rise in price. But Burriana beach has not experienced price growth. Prices per square meter on Burriana beach were already high 5 years ago and the price peaked in 2019. Prices have remained without fluctuations in the last 5 years.


It is important to take into account the situation that has been experienced in the world in recent years, the constant changes, international conflicts and Brexit. All of this has helped to ensure that the sale of homes on Burriana beach has remained at a constant price.

This is just talking about home revaluation. For all the rest. Burriana continues to be the main beach of Nerja, the most visited beach in Nerja and one of the most touristy in Andalusia. The bars and restaurants continue to function better and better and business in Burriana is 100% in summer.

Holiday apartments in Burriana. Tourist apartments in Burriana continue to grow on booking.com so you can rent an apartment at a very good price for these holidays. If you are thinking of visiting Nerja. We recommend you go to Burriana beach. One of the best areas of Nerja to visit or stay.

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