The Fair of “Las Maravillas” is the festivity or big party of Maro, Nerja. These festivities have been celebrated since the 16th century.

The holiday is always celebrated around September 8. Some years the fair can be held from September 6 to 10, Other years, from 8 to 12, or from 7 to 11. But always around September 8, which is the day of its patron saint. September 8 is the day of the Virgen de las Maravillas. (Patron of Maro).

Maro celebrates its fair and festivities in honor of its patron saint. On September 8, the Virgin is paraded through the streets of Maro, there are fireworks and a festive atmosphere in the town.

According to historians of the area, the fireworks were based on the harvests during the year. If it had been a good year of profits for farmers. Fireworks were plentiful.

The neighbors of Maro and farmers with promises or some devotion usually bring out the Virgin of Wonders. To get a seat on the throne, you had to tie a handkerchief on one of the throne’s bars to reserve your seat. This is always respected by Maro’s neighbors.

During the Maro Fair activities are held in the town square, there is typical folk music and also tents with more modern music, bars to eat and drink, and a moraga.

If you are going to visit the Maro Fair for the first time, we recommend you see the official program of the fair, so that you can visit Maro on the most appropriate day.

Maro Fair Program 2022

Maro enjoys his parties again. The Maro fair will take place from September 6 to 10. And it will have a program of activities of all kinds. From musical shows, regional dances, live performances and food in the town square.

Maro Fair Transportation:

There is a special shuttle bus service (city bus) from €1.5. It will be running on September 8, 9 and 10 from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. With departure from the Hotel RIU Monica and to the entrance of Maro. You can also go by taxi to avoid waiting. Faster. and if several people travel, the prices will be the same.

What to do in Maro?

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Where to stay in Maro?

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Enjoy The Traditional festival in Maro, Nerja

The Maro Fair is one of the most beautiful festivals in Nerja. A quiet party where neighbors and visitors come together to enjoy good food, local music, friends and family. If you want to know more about this party. You can consult in the Nerja Lovers forum. We will be happy to help you.

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