▷ Hollywood Stars are visiting Nerja. Antonio Banderas in Nerja 🥰

Nerja is fashionable. And proof of this is that more and more famous people visit our beautiful town. This week we have been able to see the actor Antonio Banderas and part of his team from the SOHO Theater in Nerja.

Antonio Bandera has enjoyed a Kayak Route along the Cliffs of Maro, accompanied by Nerjeño actor Miguel Joven. Antonio and his team have been able to take a tour from Burriana beach to the Maro Cliffs.

Click the image to go to Miguel Joven’s facebook and see more photos – @migueljovenbraun (facebook)

Miguel Joven is an official tour guide in Nerja with Educare. If you want to do a Kayak excursion or a tour from Burriana beach to the cliffs of Maro with “Tito de Verano Azul”. You can hire it online. You can book online.

After the kayak route, the Hollywood actor was also able to enjoy one of Ayo’s paellas. Here we can see a photo that Chiringuito Ayo has uploaded to his instagram account.

@ChiringuitoAyo (instagram)

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