Can an expatriate start a Business in Nerja? Or is this not easy for British people?

I am looking at the possibility of becoming self-employed in Spain. I would like to open a hairdresser/barbershop for men in Nerja. And if this works. Next year my daughter will come to join the business. She is still studying hairdressing in London. Do you think an expatriate has any opportunity to start a business in Nerja? Or is it not an easy market for British people? Thanks.

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Hello Tom! Everyone has their chance. If you take a walk through Nerja you will see that there are many international businesses. Many expatriates decide to move their residence to Nerja and open a new business.

Here are some articles that can help you:

Hairdressers, restaurants, real estate agencies, etc. Everyone has a place in Nerja to invest or start a new business.

In Nerja and anywhere on the Costa del Sol it is easy to open a business. There are English, Swedish, German, French lawyers and managers… etc. 🙂

Nerja is a perfect place to invest.
Good luck!

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