Hotel without cockroaches please?

The last visit to Nerja we were in a 4-star hotel and there were cockroaches. How is this possible?. Is this normal in summer? I don’t say the name of the hotel out of respect for the workers.

Hello. We can find insects anywhere in the world. If there is a cockroach in a hotel, apartment or somewhere. We can request a change of room or cleaning. In summer the heat causes insects to come to the surface.

Finding an insect can be momentary. Maybe the insect has entered through the window. This does not mean that the apartment or hotel is dirty.

Cleanliness in many Nerja hotels and apartments is exhaustive. But insects can fly in after cleaning. Or they can enter through the window or doors. Ants, mosquitoes, reptiles, etc.

If you find an insect. You can call the owner, or discuss this at the hotel reception. And they can help you 🙂 It’s not the end of the world.

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