✈ British travelers visiting Spain now need three additional documents to enter Spain.

Travelers to Spain now need three additional documents to enter Spain.

The summer season has started in Spain, and now it is necessary to have some additional documents to enter Spain.

When the United Kingdom left the European Union, we already knew that the paperwork and bureaucracy for the mobility of British tourists would increase

Therefore, if you come to Spain on vacation you should know that now there are several things you need to take into account and there are also more documents and information that you should have on hand when traveling to Spain.

Earlier this year UK travelers needed to have their passports stamped before they were allowed to use the electronic gates at the airport. All this increased the chaos in the airports.

Rules to keep in mind if you travel to Spain:

1.- Purchased return ticket: Britons entering Spain will now need proof of a return or connecting ticket.

2.- Prove that you have enough money: It is also necessary to justify that we have enough money for our stay.

3.- Justify or prove that we have reserved accommodation in Spain. Or a place to stay in Spain. In this case we can show you a hotel reservation confirmation, proof of address if you are visiting your own property (eg a second home), or even an invitation from your host. Proof of your address is also valid if you are staying with other people, friends or family.

Other rules that must be met to enter Spain.

4.- Visitors will also need to prove that they meet the Covid-19 entry requirements.

You can see all the information here: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain/entry-requirements

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