Flights to Nerja, Malaga

To get to Nerja, Spain, you can fly into Malaga Airport, which is the closest major airport to the city. The distance from Malaga Airport to Nerja is approximately 75 kilometers.

Some of the airlines that operate flights to Malaga Airport include Ryanair, Iberia, Vueling, easyJet, Norwegian, and British Airways, among others.

If you are looking for cheap flights to Nerja, we recommend comparing prices and departure dates on different flight search websites, such as Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google Flights. You can also consider booking in advance or during low season to find better deals.

Direct flights to Nerja, Malaga

Here are some cities and airports with direct flights to Nerja airport (Malaga airport)

  1. United Kingdom:
    • Cities: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow
    • Flights: Several daily flights
    • Companies: British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, Jet2
  2. Germany:
    • Cities: Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg
    • Flights: Several weekly flights
    • Companies: Lufthansa, Eurowings, Ryanair
  3. Netherlands:
    • City: Amsterdam
    • Flights: Several daily flights
    • Companies: KLM, Transavia
  4. France:
    • Cities: Paris, Lyon
    • Flights: Several weekly flights
    • Companies: Air France, easyJet
  5. Belgium:
    • City: Brussels
    • Flights: Several weekly flights
    • Companies: Brussels Airlines

These are just some examples of the main countries that have direct flights to Malaga. It is worth mentioning that there are many more options and companies that operate flights to this tourist city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Airlines operating in Malaga:

  1. Vueling
  2. Ryanair
  3. British Airways
  4. Iberia
  5. EasyJet
  6. Norwegian Air
  7. Jet2
  8. Lufthansa
  9. Airports and cities with flights to Malaga:

    1. Barcelona-El Prat Airport, Barcelona
    2. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, Madrid
    3. Palma de Mallorca Airport, Palma de Mallorca
    4. London Gatwick Airport, London
    5. Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris
    6. Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam
    7. Frankfurt Airport – Rhein-Main, Frankfurt
    8. Venice Marco Polo Airport, Venice.

Flight prices to Nerja

We can find cheap prices to Nerja. From 30 euros. We recommend you look at low-cost companies to get a better offer, or do a search on the flight search engine.

If you are looking to organize a trip to Nerja, you can look here for recommendations to plan your trip to Nerja.

    Cheap flights to Nerja

    Find the best prices online. Rayanair, Vueling, Iberia, easyjet. They all offer very cheap prices to fly to Nerja, Malaga.

    1. From Madrid:
    • Ryanair: €35
    • Vueling: €45
    • Iberia: €60
    1. From Barcelona:
    • Vueling: €30
    • Ryanair: €40
    • Norwegian: €50
    1. From London:
    • Ryanair: €50
    • EasyJet: €55
    • British Airways: €70
    1. From Paris:
    • Vueling: €40
    • Air France: €50
    • Transavia: €55
    1. From Berlin:
    • Ryanair: €45
    • EasyJet: €55
    • Eurowings: €60

    How to get from Malaga airport to Nerja

    There are several options to get from Malaga airport to Nerja, which is approximately 70 kilometers away. Below, I detail each of them with their characteristics, pros and cons, as well as indicative prices:

    1. Car rental:
    • Features: Flexibility in schedules and possibility of making stops along the way.
    • Pros: Independence to move around the area.
    • Cons: Cost of rental, fuel and possible additional expenses such as insurance.
    • Price: From €20-30 per day depending on the type of car and the season.
    1. Taxi:
    • Features: Direct transportation from the airport to Nerja.
    • Pros: Convenience and speed.
    • Cons: High cost, especially if traveling in a group.
    • Price: Between €80-100 each way, depending on the schedule and the taxi company.
    • Book here: Malaga Airport Transfer
    1. Bus:
    • Features: Direct bus service from Malaga airport to Nerja.
    • Pros: Economical and easy to use.
    • Cons: There may be waits at the airport and it does not always coincide with flight arrival times.
    • Price: Around €10-15 per person each way. Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.
    • More information: Bus malaga airport to Nerja
    1. Private transfer:
    • Features: Private transportation service booked in advance.
    • Pros: Comfort, punctuality and possibility of choosing the type of vehicle.
    • Cons: Higher cost than the bus, but cheaper than the taxi.
    • Price: From €60-80 each way, depending on the size of the group and the transfer company.
    • Book here: Malaga Airport Transfer

    The best option will depend on your preferences and needs. If you are looking for comfort and don’t care about the cost, a taxi or private transfer are good options. If you prefer a cheaper alternative, the bus may be the best choice. And if you want the freedom to explore the area, car rental is the best alternative.

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