I will visit Nerja for 2 months. Can I rent apartments for 1 or 2 months?

📌 Long term rentals in Nerja

Yes. In Nerja you can find apartments to rent for months and also hotel rooms. Many owners only rent short periods. But in Nerja you can find rental accommodation for 15 days, 1 month or several winter or summer months.

Room in hostel. Room with private bathroom. (without kitchen), with wifi internet, terrace, etc. From €450/month. If you prefer a private apartment with a kitchen. You have options from €550/month.

Apartments in the center of Nerja with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and private bathroom. (all private apartment), with wifi internet, terrace, etc. Apartments for 1 month: €650 /month. Apartments for 2 months: €600 /month. Apartments 3 months: €550 /month

To find a good flat or apartment to rent for months, write to us here and we will send you some recommendations: 🗣 Do you have more doubts? Ask here

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