Impossible to find parking in Nerja

There is no parking. Impossible to park in the center of Nerja. You have to park in the Plaza España parking lot and it is a very expensive parking lot. The other option is the Huertos de Carabeo parking lot. But it is a dirt parking lot and it is not guarded.

Parking in Nerja is free. But you have to search. There are many streets: Near Verano Azul park, near Torrecilla, near Burriana. It is free on all streets. It should be noted that it is difficult to find free parking in high season. But in Nerja there is no blue zone and it is possible to park for free on all streets.

It is difficult to find free parking. But we do reserve paid parking. This is easy. Parking in a paid parking lot or renting a garage is possible and easy. You can reserve online.

Finding free parking in Nerja can be difficult, especially during the peak summer tourist season. Places near the beaches, the town center and tourist spots are usually full and it is necessary to look for a further place and walk to the desired destination. In addition, there are regulated parking areas where it is necessary to pay to park the vehicle. It is recommended to arrive early to find a spot more easily. Or reserve parking online before the holidays.

When is it difficult to find free parking?

At Easter: especially in the old town area and near the beach. This date it is very difficult to park.

Summer months: especially on weekends and holidays. Difficult parking. Finding a parking space in the center is difficult. (but not impossible).

During special events: When there are concerts in Nerja, the Nerja Cave Festival and the Nerja Carnival.

During local popular festivals: such as the night of San Juan or the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen in July, La Feria de Nerja in October or San Isidro in May.

Park in the Nerja cave. In this area it is easy. Parking costs 2 euros.

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