I have found work in Nerja. I’m very happy!

Happy with my new job in Nerja. Every year in the summer I came for a two-week vacation with my friends. My dream would be to one day return to Nerja to work. And live in Nerja for a long period of time. Now I am fulfilling my dream. I am working in a real estate agency and I am very happy. I encourage all people to fight for their dreams. There is work here for everyone who wants to work. You can start a temporary job from April to October. The service sector is in high demand. (real estate, restaurants, hotels). Thank you for publishing my comments on this website. 💖

Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your work and can make a good life in Nerja. We also encourage other people to look for work in Nerja. In the forum we have a section to look for work in Nerja.

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