Is a car necessary to visit Nerja? Or can you walk?

I am going to visit Nerja this summer and my question is. Do I need a car to get around the city? Or I can get around easily by walking. Thanks

If you come on vacation, this question is asked by many people. And I’ll be honest with you. It is not necessary to have a car. You also don’t need to rent a car if you are going to be in Nerja. (We only recommend renting a car if you are going to visit other areas outside of Nerja or have a rental house far from the center).

Parking in summer is another problem. It is difficult to park and we will waste a lot of time looking for parking in Nerja.

It is not mandatory to have a car to go on holiday to Nerja, as there are other transport options to get around the city and its surroundings.

Transportation to Get Around Nerja

  1. Bus: Nerja has a bus network that connects the city with other nearby towns, as well as with Malaga and other cities on the Costa del Sol. Buses are an economical and comfortable option to get around the area.
  2. Taxi: You can also use taxi services to get around Nerja and nearby towns. Taxis are usually a faster and more comfortable option, but also more expensive than the bus.
  3. Bicycle: Nerja is a relatively flat city with good infrastructure for cyclists, so you can choose to rent a bicycle to get around the city and its surroundings.

Nerja is a small and well-connected city, so it is possible to get around easily on foot or by public transport. However, if you want to explore places that are further away or less accessible by public transport, it may be advisable to rent a car.

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